Why Do Some Beards Look Thin in Light? Here’s Why

Why Do Some Beards Look Thin in Light

The feeling of regret that most bearded men experience after growing their beards is all too common. This is especially true if your beard doesn’t match the image you have of how it should look. Then, there’s the issue of having a see-through beard in the light.

Some beards look thin in light because it changes how we perceive colors. In addition, a beard’s texture and length may allow light to filter through, which can make it appear thinner. A beard’s color can also make it look thin in light. Sometimes, however, it’s just what beards look like.

With that in mind, let’s explore further the reasons why your beard looks thin in light. Be sure to stick around because we’ll also take a look at some tips to make your beard appear thicker.

Reasons Some Beards Look Thin in Light

Different lighting settings and backgrounds can affect how thick your beard looks. Even what you’re wearing can affect the appearance of your beard.

Light can affect the hues and intensity of what we’re looking at.

Your beard may not look the same on a summer afternoon as it does inside a cabinet with fluorescent lighting. That’s why, in many cases, some beards may look thinner in light.

You Have a Patchy Beard

You Have a Patchy Beard

A patchy beard is the result of uneven facial growth. It’s actually a lot more common than those thick, burly beards we see all over the internet.

You can get a good idea of what your beard will look like if you look at your father, older brothers, or uncles. That’s why if you have a patchy beard, your genes are most likely to blame.

That said, there are other factors that can cause a patchy beard, including age, hormonal fluctuations, stress, and, in rare cases, spot baldness.

Patchy beards are usually thin, so they might appear thinner in the light. The reason is that light can filter through the facial hair, making it lose its visual thickness.

Your Beard Is Dry and Brittle

Some people may forget to care for their facial hair in the same way that they would care for their scalp hair.

If your beard is dry and brittle, you might notice that the hair follicles don’t stick together in the same direction. The hair may even start expanding outwards, lessening the thickness of your beard’s tips.

This texture can lead to creating some gaps in your bread, which will allow light to beam through. When light passes through the hair, it can make your beard appear lighter in color and thinner.

The Color of Your Beard Is Light

Most of us probably imagine a dark-colored beard when told to imagine a thick and full beard. The reason is that light-colored beards tend to give the illusion of thinning, especially in bright light.

As a result, even if you have a thick beard but it’s ginger or blond, it may appear thinner than if it were darker.

The Light Is Too Strong

You could have the thickest, most luscious beard, and it still may appear thin in light. That’s just how most beards appear in bright light.

How to Make Beard Look Thicker

There’s no denying that genetics play a significant role in how long and thick your beard grows.

Some tips and tricks, however, can help you fill in the patchy bits and achieve a full-volume beard look.

Trim Any Split Ends

Trim Any Split Ends

If your beard is too coarse or brittle, the hair tips may start to fray and split. These split ends are hard to brush and tame into a neat-looking beard.

What’s more, split ends are the part of the hair follicle that the sun bleaches first. The lighter your beard color is, the thinner your beard will appear in the light.

You should trim no more than an eighth of an inch once every week or two, but that really depends on your beard’s growth rate and health.

What’s important is to always trim any hair strands that show signs of splitting.

Brush Your Beard Inward

Your brushing technique is essential to the shape of your beard. That’s why you should brush your beard inward toward your neck with a wide-toothed beard comb. This method will compress the hair, which can prevent light from filtering through. 

If you brush your beard outwards, your facial hair may begin to grow in that direction and appear thinner.

Brushing daily can train the hair to grow inward rather than outwards, making your beard appear darker and thicker.

While some people use regular combs to brush their beards, your beard can look fuller and healthier if you use a beard comb. You can move on to using a beard brush when your beard gets longer and thicker.

Face the Light

If you stand with your back to a bright light source, your beard may appear thin or see-through. That’s why you should stand facing the light.

This tip may seem overly simple, but by changing your standing position, you can ensure that no external factors influence how thick your beard appears.

Wear Darker Clothes

If you grow your beard past your neck, your choice of clothing can affect how thick your beard appears.

You want to wear shirts or clothing that complements the color of your beard, so a similar or a darker color will do.

This technique is called Beard Flexing, which is similar to how people with blue eyes dress in blue to make their eyes stand out.

Most importantly, you should avoid white or light shirts. If you wear a white shirt, the light around you will reflect on your shirt and shine through your beard, making it appear thin.

Nourish Your Body, Nourish Your Beard

Nourish Your Body, Nourish Your Beard

Your beard, like the hair on your scalp, requires some care and nourishment for it to grow thicker and healthier.

You should begin by eating a healthy balanced diet that can stimulate beard growth and increase your facial hair’s melanin content. You want to include foods high in antioxidants and vitamins in your meals.

More melanin means your beard will remain a dark and vivid color. It also prevents the color from fading to blond or red.

The next step is to work on your beard externally. You can apply products that contain biotin or collagen to stimulate dormant hair follicle growth and promote healthy hair growth.

You can also use beard butter to ensure that your beard grows as healthily as possible. In addition, beard butter can make your beard appear thicker and fuller.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know why your beard looks thin in light, you can rest assured that having a thin beard or a thin-looking beard isn’t a big deal.

The common misconception that beards need to be thick and perfectly shaped isn’t true at all. If styled right, scraggly and unkempt beards can be appealing.

Just look at celebrities like Tom Hardy and Keanu Reeves. They don’t have particularly full or neat beards, but these two bearded men are undeniably attractive.

Still, if you want to grow a fuller beard, check out these carrier oils that can promote beard growth and thickness.

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