Beard Comb vs Regular Comb: What’s The Difference?

Beard Comb vs Regular Comb

Beards are becoming a fashion trend that is hard to ignore these days. With the ladies very quick to express their love for beards, quite a number of people are dumping the cleanly shaved gang to join the “beard gang.”

Have you made that switch already or you are still contemplating it?

Whatever the case may be, you need to know that beard-keeping, just like every other human endeavor, has its own requirements. A good beard is one that is properly cared for and to do that, you must know a thing or two about beard combing.

So what is the difference between a beard comb and a regular comb? 

Beard combs have fine to medium teeth that are shorter than the regular combs. This design is necessary for accommodating the common lengths of facial hairs. Generally, your beard comb, due to its design, is better when it comes to giving your beard that thicker and fuller look.

Let me mention that having a beard brush shouldn’t stop you from having a beard comb. People argue over which is better, but the key thing is knowing how to use them both to get that perfect beard. This is because a beard comb and beard brush each have their specialized uses.

What is a Beard Comb?

What is a Beard Comb

A beard comb is a grooming tool that is meant for facial hairs exclusively. It is used for combing, styling, and moisturizing your facial hairs.

It is very important because it doesn’t only style your beards, it also rids your beard of trapped food particles, specks of dust and other foreign elements. It also gets rids of beardruff and ingrown hairs which are the chief causes of beard itch. If you have experienced beard itch before, you need to increase your attention to beard care.

Beard Comb or Regular Comb?

If you are ever tempted to grab some random, regular, cheap plastic comb to use on your beard, resist the temptation. It is better not to comb it at all than to comb it with an inferior regular comb.

From now on, commit to only using reliable combs that are specifically designed for beards.

Regular combs are produced on a large press which often gives them jagged edges. These jagged edges are not good for facial hairs.

How to Find the Best Beard Comb For You

The common broad categories are plastic and wooden. The one you choose is based on preference. However, professionals recommend wooden combs over their plastic counterparts because they are gentler on facial hairs. You need to handle facial hairs with more care because they have the tendency to pull or snag easily. The wooden comb also distributes products such as beard creams more easily than a plastic comb. 

The only advantage of a plastic comb over a wooden ones is the weight difference. Plastic combs are often lighter than the wooden ones. Since combs are fairly small, I don’t think you will worry much about the small difference in weight. 

There is a third category which is the metal beard comb. They are less popular, and rightly so. They lack smooth cut edges, and that can harm hair follicles leading to itches. They also lack anti-static properties which are common with wooden and plastic combs.

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So, from all indications, a wooden comb is the right option for you. Now that you know that, you have some choices to make. There are several types of wooden combs. There are the hand-cut wooden combs, and the press-cut beard combs.

The hand-cut ones are preferred because they are made of sturdier materials, and since they are hand-cut, the teeth are individually cut too, and that eliminates the jagged edges found in press-cut ones. 

When it comes to the nature of the teeth, if you have a thicker and coarser beard, wide-tooth combs are better for you. If you have thinner patches of hair, then settle for the fine-tooth combs, and they will get the work done.

Choosing A Good Beard Comb

For a choice of beard comb, we recommend Striking Viking Folding Wooden Comb. It is an all-natural hair care comb that promotes healthy hair growth while reducing hair breakage. It comes with smooth rounded teeth that seamlessly glides through beards of all types – curly, long, short thick, etc. Its spiffy style will make you want to flaunt it to your friends.

Beard Power Wooden Beard Comb & Durable Case for Men is a powerful beard comb made with 100% natural wood and it comes with a durable case. It has fine and coarse teeth that organize even the most scattered beards. It doesn’t lead to knots or pulls. It is a pocket comb that comes with a brown skull design. It is dual-sided for a wide variety of beards.

Benefits of Using a Beard Comb

Your choice of a comb can make all the difference. It can turn your coarse, rough beard into a soft and nicely-groomed one.

Here are a few benefits of using a beard comb:

  • It promotes growth in the right direction: If you use the right comb on your beard regularly, your facial hairs will grow in the right direction. By growing in the right direction, your beard will grow faster and more healthy, and have fewer ingrown hairs. 
  • The look you desire: Your beard comb is, more or less, a grooming or styling tool. With it, you can style your facial hairs as you desire. You will also be using it as a means to train your hairs to grow the way you desire.
  • It keeps the mouth clear: If you don’t groom your beard correctly, they will grow too close to your mouth. The disadvantage with that is that food particles can get trapped in those hairs and give you an unkempt look. So as you comb your beard, direct the hair away from your mouth.

Combing Your Beard The Right Way

Combing Your Beard The Right Way

Now you know a beard comb is a better option. You also know that you ought to go for the wooden ones. Now, do you know how to comb your beard the right way? That is the last piece of the puzzle.

Keep reading to find out the best way to comb your beard:

  • Start by combing bottom-up: This will give your beard a fuller look because it lines up the hairs. When the hairs are facing different directions, they appear scanty, but when you get them to line up, your beard appears fuller, and I am sure that you want that. Combing this way also makes it easier to detangle any tangled hair without causing an issue for the hair follicle.
  • Comb beard down: With your beard combed up, now comb it down while paying attention to your neckline. After that, you can proceed to style the hair as you wish. If you have a mustache too, comb it away from the mouth and off to the sides.
  • Moisturize your beard: Combing is better when combined with healthy moisturizing. Either a beard balm or beard oil will do the trick. They will ensure that your beard gets that sheen while remaining healthy and strong. In addition, they will also care for the skin underneath by moisturizing it because if the skin suffers, so does the beard. When you apply it, use your comb to finish off the process. Your hand can only reach a limited number of hairs, but your beard comb will ensure complete dispersal of your beard supplements.

Avoid Over-combing Your Hair

Some people assume that since a beard comb is portable and can be carried around easily, that they need to comb their facial hairs every now and then throughout the day. The problem with that is that you can over-comb your beards. And if you do that, you will risk damaging your facial hairs from their follicles to their tips. 

So how many times should you comb your facial hair daily? Three to five times a day is enough to give you all the benefits of a properly combed beard.

Cleaning Your Beard Comb

As you use your beard comb continually, it gets dirty, and hairs get entangled between the teeth. You need to clean it regularly. To do that, make a mild solution of soap and warm water and soak your combs in it for about 2-3 minutes.

After soaking it, bring it out and clean off any debris with a clean cloth. Ensure that every bit of debris is removed. If any is proving too difficult to remove, use one of your old toothbrushes to scrub it out. Don’t forget to dry it promptly. 


A beard comb is a must-have for any fella wanting to have a beard that will demand a second look. If you think that a regular comb can do what a beard comb can do, ask yourself why a beard comb was invented in the first place. It is adapted specifically for grooming the facial hairs. So, you should give it a try. The best ones are not cheap plastic, but are crafted from wood and have smooth teeth.

You may be asking, “why so much fuss about using a beard comb to groom my beard?” Well, combing your beard makes it look it’s best. It helps to keep the hairs aligned and assists with distributing products such as beard oil. Proper use of a beard comb is the mark of a pro beard groomer.




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