Are Beard Beads Cool? Here’s My Opinion

Are Beard Beads Cool

Ever looked with awe at those awesome Viking beards and wondered if the beads they used to thread through their facial hair would look good on you?

Are beard beads cool enough to consider giving them a shot?

Beard beads can be cool to the point of being attractive if they’re worn correctly in styles that match beard length and face shape. Besides looking great, beard beads could also help long beards appear neat.

Now that you’re maybe a little more intrigued about beard beads, let’s get to know them a bit better!

Why Do People Wear Beard Beads?

Are Beard Beads Cool

Beard beads have been in fashion for centuries, and you can find proof of that if you dive deeper into Norse history. These pieces of jewelry had several uses, yet their main purpose was to decorate long beards, which Vikings were best known for.

Vikings were also famous for braiding their beards to keep them out of the way during their battles and raids as well as their daily lives. Therefore, they had to use the help of beads to hold their impressive braids in place and ensure they didn’t come apart.

Plus, beard beards were often used to tame wild, coarse beards so that they were easier to take care of.

However, one interesting fact about beard beads is that they were a way to make men look more prestigious in Norse culture. See, because they kept beards tidy, which was important during those times, they boosted a man’s status.

Now, most people choose to weave beads into their facial hair just to give their beards a new, unique style.

How Do Beard Beads Look Like?

One of the coolest things about beard beads is that they’re available in numerous shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. More often than not, they resemble tiny rings that you can thread through your facial hair in several designs and styles.

Beard beads can be made of wood, metal, or plastic. Once you take a good look at their market availability, you might just be blown away by their variety!

My Top 5 Beard Beads to Consider Buying

Ready to buy your first beard bead set? Well, the following list might be a nice place to kick off your beard jewelry journey!

1. Viking Beard Beads By Jolbndcv

This beard bead set can be a fantastic choice if you want a look that’s inspired by the Vikings. These beads are marked with Viking runes to help you get into character, and their craftsmanship is quite impressive.

What I also like about these beard beads is that they’re made of zinc alloy, which is good news for someone who wants their new accessories to last for years.

Better still, the set includes several threading tools of different sizes so that you can put those beads on with ease. Pretty convenient, ha?

2. Vikings Runes Beard Beads By PIAOPIAONIU

This is another beard bead set you’ll likely fall in love with if you like to go Viking-style. Just like the previous one, this set is carved with various Norse runes and symbols.

However, what makes this buddy a little more special is that it’s in gold instead of silver. So, if you’re about warmer colors, this beard bead set might be a more fitting option than the previous one.

3. NBEADS 150 Tibetan-Style Alloy Beard Beads

Maybe we should take a small break from Viking-inspired beads and explore other cultures. If you want some change from beads with Norse runes, why not take a look at these magnificent Tibetan-style pieces of jewelry?

Aside from their eye-catching designs and patterns, my favorite thing about these beads is that they come in three colors. Once you get this 150-piece set, you’ll get to choose from antique golden, antique bronze, and antique silver.

If your beard could speak, it would definitely thank you for this bead set!

4. JPSOR Painted Wooden Hair Beads

Ready to rock some beard dreadlocks? Well, you can’t possibly do that without these African-style wooden beads, can you?

This set includes up to 300 beads that have multiple patterns and colors to suit whatever mood you’re in. They’re not engraved, but painted and coated with a shiny finish.

5. Aylifu Tube Beads

Our final recommendation is this wooden bead set by Aylifu. These beads can also be perfect for African dreadlocks, and I especially like that they’re shaped like long tubes to hold the hair more tightly.

The carved patterns are pretty cool, too, if you’re looking for a laid-back everyday look.

How to Wear Beard Beads Correctly

If it’s your first time decorating your precious beard with beads, using all the help you could get to do it right is only normal once the package arrives at your doorstep.

Let me give you a hand and educate you on how to thread beads in your beard.

After settling on a beard style, grab the bead threading tool that’s usually included in most bead sets and insert a section of your facial hair in its loop. Then, simply enough, put the bead through the pointy end of the tool and pull it along its length until it settles around your hair.

You can also do this with a piece of thread if you don’t have this tool. Just wrap the thread around a clump of hair two or three times and wind your hair into a loose spiral.

Next, take the narrow point of the spiral and drive the bead through it until it reaches the top of the hair clump. After that, all you’ll have to do is pull the thread free of your beard, and you should be done!

What Are Some of the Coolest Beard Bead Styles to Try?

What Are Some of the Coolest Beard Bead Styles to Try Out

Now that you know how to add this accessory to your beard, it’s time to settle on a style to experiment with.

First off, you can always try braiding several sections of your beard, especially if it’s super long. Then, insert a bead into each braid to highlight it. Or, you could go with a single braid.

Second off, you may want to try the dreadlock beard, which should work beautifully with some colorful wooden beads.

Another great beard style is to gather two or three hair clumps and make them into separate ponytails using tiny rubber bands. Leave the rest of the hair loose on your chin and cover the rubber bands of the ponytails with your favorite beads.

If you have a rather short beard or if you’re all about minimalistic looks, consider inserting only one bead into your beard. To get this lock, grab a thin strand of your beard hair, right in the middle of your chin, and secure it with a rubber band. After that, you can decorate it with a bead.

To Wrap It Up

“Are beard beads cool?” You might ask after watching a Viking documentary where fantastic beard styles make an appearance.

Well, yes, beard beads can be the coolest thing to wear if you know how to use them properly.

Luckily, there are numerous beard bead looks you could give a shot and equally attractive bead sets to buy to achieve the look that you have in mind. After experimenting with different styles, I’m sure you’ll find the one that works best for you.

Have a patchy beard but still want to try beard beads? Here’s an article on the best serums for beard growth!

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