Why Does Your Beard Grow In Different Directions? Here’s Why

Why Does Your Beard Grow In Different Directions

When growing your beard for the first time, you might notice that your beard is growing in different directions. It can grow outwards, upwards, or even in a circular pattern. 

So, is it normal to have a beard that grows in different directions?

Having a beard that grows in different directions is normal. Many men have non-identical growth patterns on different parts of their beards. The best thing you can do to deal with this is train your beard to lay in the desired direction. 

Even though it’s normal to have a beard that grows in different directions, it can make it difficult for you to have the beard of your dreams. 

In this article, you’ll find everything to help you deal with this case. Let’s begin! 

Why Does My Beard Grow In Different Directions?

Why Does My Beard Grow In Different Directions

It’s normal for your beard to grow in different directions. Actually, this is the case for all your facial hair—just like how your eyebrows don’t look identical. 

So, if your beard hair is growing in different directions, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s something wrong. 

The growth direction of your beard hair depends on several factors. Your genes, of course, play a massive role in this. Also, your diet and ethnic background can affect how your beard grows. 

These factors determine how well your beard hair follicles are nourished and thus the growth direction. The case of having a beard that grows in different directions can look unique from one person to another. 

You might notice your facial hair grows differently from one side of your face to another. It might even grow in different directions on the same side. Some hair growth patterns look like a spiral. 

Some men have their beards or mustaches grow upwards or straight out. So, you’re not alone in this. 

Can I Change the Direction in Which My Beard Grows?

Unfortunately, this is something that you can’t do. However, you can train your beard to lay in specific directions. 

This, of course, takes time and effort. It’s best to start training your beard to lay in the direction you want in the early growth stages. 

It’s hard to train your beard when it’s fully grown, but it isn’t impossible. Plus, starting in the early stages gives you the chance to focus on your beard’s scalp as well. 

Remember that the nourishment of your hair follicles plays an essential role in how your beard grows. So, you always have to take care of the skin below your beard. 

How to Train Your Beard to Grow in a Certain Direction?

How to Train Your Beard to Grow in a Certain Direction

Here are some helpful tips:

Brush Your Beard 

Brushing your beard is the best way to train it to lay in the desired direction. It also helps to promote hair growth. 

It redistributes the naturally produced sebum, encourages blood circulation, and exfoliates the surface of your skin.

Although beard brushing is highly recommended, you need to avoid over-brushing. Overdoing something is always a wrong choice. 

It’s best to brush your beard twice a day, once in the morning and once as a part of your night routine. Always remember to be gentle with the brush so you won’t irritate your beard scalp. 

When you brush your beard, always brush downwards unless you want it to lay in a different direction. The downward brush strokes help to promote growth and get a better shape. 

Like brushing, combing is also beneficial in training your beard to lay in a specific direction. Besides, it’s good for styling and detangling. 

Combing is best for those with longer beards that need taming and detangling. 

Use Beard Styling Products

Use Beard Styling Products

As much as expensive and overwhelming beard styling products can be, they do have an essential role in taming your beard. If you’re in the early growth stages, you might go without balms or waxes. 

However, if you have a long, thick beard that you’re trying to train to lay in a particular direction, beard styling products are a must. 

In this case, beard balms or waxes are your best friend. You can use them with your beard brush or comb in the morning to moisturize and tame your beard. 

When applying your beard balm or wax, always do so in a downward motion, just like you do with your brush strokes. This will help train your beard to lay in the normal downward direction. 

Use Beard Oils 

You can use beard oils as styling products, but for me, beard oils are for hydration and nourishment. They don’t just benefit your beard only, but also the skin beneath it.

Using beard oils, especially at night, with your beard brush or comb will do wonders for your beard growth. It’ll also help train your beard to lay downwards. 

So, remember to apply and massage your beard with your oil in a downward motion.  

Trim Your Beard Regularly 

A beard that grows in different directions needs to be trained to lay inwards and towards your chin. A good way to do that is by trimming your beard along the sides. 

This way, you train your beard to define your chin. The out-to-in trimming technique might not be the easiest to do on your own. So, it’s best to go to a trusted barber to get the desired results you want. 

However, if you still want to do it yourself, check out this article for information about the best trimmers. 

Tips for Shaving a Beard That Grows in Different Directions?

It might be tricky to shave a beard that grows in different directions, especially if your facial hair is on the coarser side. The most important tip I can give you is to map your grain. 

It means knowing the direction in which your facial hair grows. This helps you to know in which direction to move your razor. 

To map your grain, take a close-up picture of your beard. This is best done when your beard is still short. 

You can also examine your beard growth pattern with your hands or a credit card. Glide your hands or credit card along with your beard gently. 

Notice which direction pulls your hair up or down. The direction in which the hair is pulled up is against the grain, and the other direction is with the grain. 

Remember that your hair growth pattern differs from one side to another. So, examine both sides. 

Another important thing is to shave with the grain. When dealing with a beard that grows in different directions, shaving with the grain might be a little frustrating. 

Though, the time you take to be gentle and shave with the direction of your hair growth will pay off in the end. The more you shave this way, the less time you’ll need to do it. It’s important to use a clean, sharp, and high-quality razor to avoid any skin irritation. 

For more tips on shaving your beard, read our articles: Is It Okay To Shave With Just Water? and Can You Shave With Just A Bar Of Soap?

To Conclude

It’s normal to have a beard that grows in different directions. Although it takes time and effort to train your beard to lay in a certain direction, it’s not impossible. 

By following the tips mentioned above, this won’t be a problem for you anymore. You might want to check our article about abnormally thick facial hair.  



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