How To Grow A Beard Like A Viking: A Quick Guide

How To Grow A Beard Like A Viking

Sure, some trends have resurfaced from the 90s, but this one came back all the way from the 9th century!

The Viking beard has become a growing statement as growing a beard became more popularized. So you might be wondering how to grow a beard like a Viking.

A Viking beard is no short feat. It can take two or four months to grow out. The process involves avoiding shaving, caring for the beard, and adding some Viking-inspired touches.

Stick around if you’re interested in knowing more about how you can grow and maintain a Viking beard.

How can I grow my beard like a Viking

How can I grow my beard like a Viking

As you start your Viking beard-growing journey, keep in mind that a few factors decide how well the process will go. For instance, genetics will mainly decide how long you can grow your beard.

Other factors could be hormones, namely testosterone, and DHT. The higher these hormone levels are, the more likely your beard will grow longer. Additionally, the healthier your diet is, the healthier your beard will look.

With all that taken into consideration, let’s get into how you can grow a beard like a Viking.

Step #1: Decide on Which Viking Beard Style You Want

The first thing you want to do is figure out which Viking style you want to go with. There are several to choose from. Here are a few of them below.

Long Viking Beard

Do you want to feel the wind blowing away your beard? Then, you could consider a long Viking beard style. This majestic beard style will make you stand out among the crowd. Plus, it’ll keep you warm in the colder months.

This style comes with some catches too. You need to have a solid beard care routine to keep it in check. Otherwise, you’ll have a tangled mess that won’t look too hygienic.

Short Viking Beard

If you’re not gifted with beard-growing genes, this style might be right up your alley. The beard doesn’t go below your neck.

It’s subtle but still brings out a rugged and masculine look that you might be looking for in a Viking beard. On top of that, it’ll be much easier to take care of than a longer beard.

Mid-Length Viking Beard

Mid-Length Viking Beard

This sort of Viking beard style just touches your chest. It won’t be too long or too short. You can do all the braiding you want in this beard length. It’s the perfect length to showcase your all-mighty facial fashion statement.

Isolated Viking Beard

Although most Viking beards are depicted as full ones, there are more isolated beard styles.

For example, you can shave your cheek area and isolate the beard growth to the chin part alone. Of course, you might look more like a wizard than a Viking, but at least it’ll give an illusion of more length.

Messy Viking Beard

History points out that Vikings had well-groomed facial hair. Nevertheless, if you want to go for a more natural style, then an unruly and messy beard will suit your Viking beard goals.

The best part about this beard style is that you don’t need to trim it periodically. Instead, a good moisturizing routine might just be enough.

Tamed Viking Beard

Some workplaces may need you to keep a well-shaped beard. This style involves a tapered end with a sleek body.

This beard style might need a lot more trimming and shaping, but it’ll be worth it to achieve that medieval look.

Fade Viking Beard

Looking for a more modern take on a Viking beard? Then adding a fade might just be the trick. It’ll look fresh and accentuate your masculine features. We recommend doing it at the barbershop to get a precise fade at the sides.

Mutton Chops Viking Beard

Mutton chops might not seem like an authentic Viking beard style, but keeping them long will give you that undoubtedly Viking look. All you have to do is just keep the cheek area growing and shave off the chin.

Curly Viking Beard

Curling your beard will make it look softer. You can get this style done if you don’t want your beard to look too rough.

Straight Viking Beard

If you’re not a fan of the frizz and want a smoother appearance, then you can simply straighten your Viking-style beard.

Fork Viking Beard

This is one of the unique beard looks. To achieve it, you only need to form a split in the middle. It’s a highly authentic Viking beard style.

Step #2: Get a Trim

This might seem counter-productive, but to get a clean base, you’ll want to trim your beard to keep it an even length.

Just because you’ll be trimming it now doesn’t mean you’ll do it regularly. You might even consider this a last trim before you shape it into a Viking beard.

Step #3: Fasten the Process

Growing a beard could take a few months, depending on each person’s hormone level, diet, and, most importantly, genes.

There are some ways to better your chances of getting a healthy and full-length beard. One of them is following a healthy diet filled with nutritious and fibrous meals.

To channel your inner Viking, why not eat like a Viking? You can add some leafy greens and fish to your diet. They’ll not only help keep your beard healthy but your skin too.

If you’re not getting enough of the right beard-growing vitamins, you can try to take some supplements. Iron, zinc, vitamin D, E, and C might promote your beard growth process.

Step #4: Avoid Shaves and Trims

After getting your first trim, it’s time to put down the razor and step away from the trimmer for a while. On average, beard hair grows about half an inch per month.

Since you’ve already decided which style you’re going for, you can take this time to plan out how long it might take to reach your beard length goal.

Remember to keep monitoring your progress and look out for any ingrown hairs. Otherwise, they might hinder your beard’s full potential.

Step #5: Comb Your Beard

As your beard hair starts to grow, it’ll naturally be a little unkempt. You’ll need to grab a good comb, like the Vikings did, and brush out any tangles.

This won’t only prevent unruly beard hair but promote growth as well. Stimulating the beard area by brushing it will likely encourage healthier growth.

Step #6: Shape Your Viking Beard

Shape Your Viking Beard

Now comes the time to finally get the Viking look. After months of patience, your beard might finally reach the perfect length to trim and shape.

Before you get to cut out any parts, a beard bath is in order. You can use a specialized beard shampoo or mild soap to get any dirt and debris out. Afterward, you need to hydrate the beard with a conditioner followed by a beard oil.

Next, pat the beard dry. It must become fully dry, so you get the most accurate shape when you trim it later.

To begin the shaping process, you first need to get your hands on a good trimmer that’ll achieve the precise cuts you want. Since most Viking beards have a tapered end, you can try to shape it that way.

Remember to trim near your beard neck area. It’ll give you a cleaner finish and prevent any irritating itching.

Step #7: Braid and Accessorize Your Viking Beard

You should be left with a full clean beard with your desired length by now. The next step to getting the authentic Viking beard involves braiding or accessorizing your beard.

A basic braid involves three main steps. First, you separate three sections of hair. Then, you take the leftmost section and bring it over the middle. Afterward, you take the rightmost section and do the same.

Next, you repeat the process until your beard braid is fully complete. To keep the braid intact, you can either use a beard balm or wax to seal and pinch the end, or you can use a bead or similar accessory.

This step will all come down to personal preference. There is a myriad of beard braiding options you can choose from. Check out a few of them below.

Goatee Viking Beard Braid

If you’re new to the braiding game, then you might want to try out a goatee beard braid. It won’t be as visible as a full beard braid, but it’ll still look like a Viking’s beard.

To do it, you just need to separate the goatee beard area from the chin. It shouldn’t be dangling like the other braiding styles.

Single Viking Beard Braid 

You can’t go wrong with this classic beard braid style. It’s minimalistic, functional, and Viking-worthy. All you have to do is gather all your beard hair into one braid.

If you want to have a long beard braid, then keeping it tight is the way to go, and vice versa.

Double Viking Beard Braid

What’s better than one beard braid? Two beard braids. It’ll give you a square face shape, and you can add some beads in the mix to accessorize your beard.

Triple Viking Beard Braid

This beard braid style is best if you have a lot to work with. The more voluminous the beard, the better a triple-braided beard will look. Add a bead to each braid, and you’re bound to catch some attention.

Sectioned Viking Beard Braid

If you’re still unsure about the beard braid style, then you can start slow with a few sections. It’ll look subtle but Viking-worthy.

You can let your imagination run wild with how you’ll section your beard, but you can’t go wrong with braiding the front chin area.

Mustache Braid

This style will turn a few heads. If you’re more invested in your mustache, then you can grow it long enough to braid it. Don’t worry; you’ll still look like a Viking, but with more panache. 

Twisted Viking Beard Braid

You might be in a hurry to get ready, and there just isn’t enough time to braid your beard using three strands. Instead, you can try a twist-out style by sectioning two strands and twisting them clockwise.

How to Put on Beard Accessories

Beads are an essential addition to a Viking beard. They’re usually used to signify how long you can grow your beard. Even Vikings used to put them on.

But how do you get them in your beard?

Firstly, you’ll want to braid the section that you’ll put the bead in. With a hair tie, loop it around the end of the braid. Then, poke it through the bead and pull out the braid from the other side.

To keep the bead intact, make sure the section of hair you pulled is large enough.

Why Grow a Viking Beard?

Why Grow a Viking Beard

There are several reasons why you might want to sport a Viking beard. It might all come down to one thing, such as confidence. There’s a reason why people say a beard and a good haircut are like makeup for guys.

Here are some advantages of growing a Viking beard.

Confidence Boost

This might be at the top of your list of reasons to grow a Viking beard. Drawing beard inspiration from fearsome fighters like the Vikings can make you appear more masculine and rugged.

According to research, men with full beards appear to women as healthier and more capable of parenting. If that’s not a confidence boost, we don’t know what is.

Easy to Maintain

Think about it this way; a Viking beard only needs occasional trims and a couple of washes a week.

Meanwhile, if you’re clean-shaven, then you might have to grab your razor every two or three days. Plus, pampering your beard is always a relaxing experience.

Sun Protection

Beards can provide you with sun protection. The fuller and burlier the beard, the better coverage you’ll get from the harmful UV rays.

History of Viking Beards

Now that you know what it takes to grow a Viking beard, you might want to consider understanding the historical significance behind it.

As some may know, Vikings originate from the Scandinavian region. The men were particularly fond of grooming their facial hair using combs made of bone.

Having said that, a beard was more than just facial hair for the Vikings; it was also a status symbol. Beardless men were often mocked and labeled weak. Meanwhile, men with well-kept beards were of higher social standing.

During battles, these warriors wore their beards and hair in braids to keep it out of their way. Some Vikings were even nicknamed after the appearance of their beards, such as “Gold Beard,” “Silk-Beard,” and “Jutting-Beard.”

The initial Viking king to rule over England, Svein, was even nicknamed “Forkbeard.” This implies that not all beards were worn the same since king Svein’s beard had a split down the middle.

Historic Viking beards came in a variety of styles, such as long, short, or goatee. Some Vikings even sported mustaches instead.

This beard culture wasn’t only limited to reality’s depiction but Norse mythology as well. The god of war and his son, the god of thunder, namely Odin and Thor, were portrayed with voluminous and all-powerful beards.

Meanwhile, the god of mischief, Loki, is represented as beardless and lacking positive personal characteristics, as per Viking standards at least.

Tips for Growing Your Viking Beard

Tips for Growing Your Viking Beard

Now that you’ve achieved your Viking beard goal, the next step is taking care of it, as the Vikings did.

Let’s look at some tips to help you out.

Tip #1: Hydrate Your Viking Beard

To keep your Viking beard moisturized, you need to find a nourishing beard oil or balm. We recommend using beard oil more since it can also promote growth.

Apart from oils and balms, you can also use a conditioner after you cleanse your beard. This tip will help protect the beard from drying out and feeling brittle and itchy under your skin.

Tip #2: Practice Good Hygiene

In this instance, you might be thinking, how often should I wash my beard? Well, it depends on your skin condition. If your skin is dry, then you should restrict your wash routine to once or twice a week.

On the other hand, if you have normal to oily skin, then two or three times per week should be sufficient.

Hygiene isn’t limited to only washing the beard; you also need to groom it by brushing it daily to keep it tangle-free.

Tip #3: Periodically Trim Your Viking Beard

To maintain the Viking beard shape, you’ll want to trim off any stray hairs. You can use a comb to help you make a clean cut. Keep it at an angle and trim the hair sticking out.

Before trimming the beard, you need to wash, dry, and brush it so you can get a cleaner cut. You can then moisturize it with oils and balms.

To Conclude

Vikings are true beard icons. It’s unsurprising how famed their facial hair has become. The Scandinavian warriors always kept their hair well-groomed.

Once your bread is all grown out, you have a plethora of Viking beard styles to choose from, including braided ones as well.

That being said, it might all seem like hard work, but trust us, the confidence a Viking beard will give you will make it worth it in the end.

Check out our article, “Is Viking Revolution A Good Brand? Here’s The Truth!” for more insights into beard care. 



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