When Does Peach Fuzz Turn Into A Beard? Here’s The Truth!

When Does Peach Fuzz Turn Into A Beard

In the strange, halting transformation from childhood into manhood, one of the physical changes a boy always anticipates is the ability to grow a beard. Bearded men look naturally mature, worldly, and masculine. How many young men have stood in front of a bathroom meeting, stroking the peach fuzz on their cheeks, dreaming of being able to grow a full-fledged beard?

The transition from peach fuzz to terminal facial hair occurs during puberty. Consequently, exactly when it happens depends on the vagaries of genetics and human development. These factors will also affect how quickly and fully your beard grows.

Of course, as with all questions of human biology, there are a lot of factors. Here’s a rundown explaining how your face makes the jump from fuzz to facial hair.

What is Peach Fuzz?

The scientific term for peach fuzz is vellus. Vellus is the fine, soft hair that covers the whole human body. Everyone has it: men, women, and babies.

In fact, you will have some vellus on your body your entire life. Even men that lose the hair on their heads will still have residual fuzz where that hair used to be.

However, both men and women see this vellus replaced with darker, fuller terminal hair as they get older. Both sexes find terminal hair developing in place of vellus on their legs, armpits, and, well, yes, a few other places during puberty. During this same period, young men will find the vellus on their face gradually transition to terminal hair.

How does Peach Fuzz Transition into Mature Facial Hair?

Generally, but not always, boys enter puberty between 13 and 15. Their bodies begin producing hormones like testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. These hormones jump-start a series of physical changes that turn boys into men. These changes include:

  • Physical growth
  • Deepening voice
  • Increased sweat production
  • Stronger muscles and denser bones
  • Increased body and facial hair

So, if you’re wondering when that peach fuzz will get replaced with dark, razor-worthy hair, the answer is – when your body starts producing these hormones.

That answer might be unsatisfying when you’re waiting intently for the hair growth to start. Early adolescence can be frustrating, in large part because everyone’s biological transformation happens at a slightly different time and speed. Adolescents often feel left out when their friends are maturing at a more rapid pace.  

Why does it Take Longer for Some People to Start Growing Beards?

There are too many variables to count when it comes to puberty. Even doctors and scientists cannot speak with total precision about why certain changes happen at given times.

Suffice to say, even though boys start puberty in the 13-to-15-year-old window, factors like genetics, diet, ethnicity, and physical activity determine when exactly it begins. Moreover, you shouldn’t expect all the changes of puberty to happen at the same time. You might have a deeper voice and grow four inches taller in the first month, then wait two years for your first proper stubble.

Additionally, beard growth is not an all-or-nothing proposition. Yes, there will be guys you know who show up freshman year of high school with a massive lumberjack beard. For most men, though, facial hair growth increases over time. Your first couple of attempts at a beard will likely be inconsistent, patchy, or wispy. Over the coming years, your beard will probably fill out, grow faster, and become darker.

In short, you can be well into puberty and still not have moved past peach fuzz on your face. Also, you can make the transition to terminal facial hair and find that you still can’t grow a full beard. These are normal scenarios. They don’t mean you will have a problem growing a beard as you get older.

Can You Do Anything to Speed Up the Transition?

Many young men think that shaving their peach fuzz will spur the growth of terminal hair on their faces. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

The hard truth is that there isn’t any way to speed up the clock of moving from vellus to beard hair. Your body will transition when it is ready.

However, there are lifestyle choices you can make that will promote stronger facial hair growth as you enter adolescence. As luck would have it, they are also the kind of choices that lead to general body health and attractiveness. For example:

  • Exercise regularly to stimulate testosterone production
  • Eat a diet rich in proteins, fruits, and vegetables
  • Take Vitamin D to promote testosterone
  • Bathe regularly to keep skin clear of obstructions
  • Sleep regularly and sufficiently to reduce stress

One thing you should definitely not do is take testosterone supplements. A longer timeline for developing terminal facial hair during adolescence is normal. It almost certainly does not indicate low testosterone. Those weird pills they sell at the gas station counter will not help you!

Can Men be Unable to Grow Beards?

Can Men be Unable to Grow Beards

Just as every guy makes the transition from peach fuzz to beard hair at a different time, every guy has a different capacity to grow facial hair.

Some men have naturally thick beards from the start. Most see their facial hair become fuller and more robust as they get older. This change can take decades.

Some men find that their facial hair remains thin or inconsistent no matter how old they get. Once again, this is very rarely the result of a testosterone deficiency. More often, the reason is more quotidian and related to particulars of their face, such as:

  • A birthmark that prevents hair growth in certain areas
  • Alopecia areata, which leads to patchy facial hair
  • Genetics

In these cases, adult men might find help filling out their beards with prescribed steroids or hair-growth creams. If there is an issue with low testosterone or DHT, a doctor can prescribe supplements to address it.

However, it’s important to note that medical supplements and medications are seldom needed for someone going through puberty. For a teenager waiting for the peach fuzz to become a beard, the best remedy is time.

In Conclusion

It can feel like the transition from peach fuzz to a full beard takes forever. In many ways, it’s a miniature version of the transition from boyhood to manhood. Just remember that this wait – and your impatience – is normal. You can help the process along by eating well, exercising, getting plenty of rest, and maintaining good hygiene.

Soon enough, the wait will be over, and your cheeks will have some healthy stubble.

In the meantime, you can read up on some beard care basics! Check out our articles on beard trimmer basics and light-colored facial hair. These are must-reads for young men getting ready to grow their first beards.



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