Does Tea Tree Oil Help Grow A Beard?

Does Tea Tree Oil Help Grow A Beard

If you are already used to oiling your beard, then tea tree oil shouldn’t sound new to you. Tea tree oil is a popular beard product known for its healing properties, especially for your hair. It is beneficial to your beard and the skin underneath, adding a soothing herbal smell to your beard.

Wondering if tea tree oil can help your beard grow? Here is your answer…

Yes, tea tree oil can work magic on your beard and make it grow longer and fuller. It also acts like a natural cleanser that gets rid of bacterial infections affecting your beard’s hair follicles.

Tea tree oil has healing and medicinal properties that make it an essential oil to have and use. In this post, you will find out the benefits of tea tree oil and how it works to eliminate problems hindering your beard growth.

What Is Tree Tea Oil?

Tea tree oil, also known as melaleuca oil, is obtained from the Australian tea tree. It was named that way in the eighteenth century after sailors made tea with it. They noted that the leaves smelled like nutmeg. Note, tea trees shouldn’t be confused with the common tea plant used in making green or black tea. This tree is different.

The oil obtained from the tea tree is named tea tree oil. It can treat acne, dandruff, fungus, bad breath, and other hair related problems. It is not just good for beards but among the 10 Best Oils for Mustaches on the Market.

What Does Research Say About Tea Tree Oil?

The research on tea tree oil has shown that it helps hair and the skin underneath it. The tea tree oil helps with beard conditions, which will allow your beard to grow healthily and properly. 

Research published in the Journal of American of Dermatology cited a study conducted on the effectiveness of shampoo which has 5% tea tree oil in it. 126 participants were part of the study. After four weeks, the result showed a significant improvement in hair conditions such as itchiness, dandruff, and scalp greasiness, with no adverse effects.

Research has also suggested tea tree oil for hair removal. People with hirsutism (a condition of having hairs in areas you shouldn’t have) were given tea tree oil in a study. After three months, there was a decrease in their hair diameter.

Why Should I Use Tea Tree Oil?

There are many reasons you should use tea tree oil. But first, let’s focus on why you should use it for your beard. Tea tree oil is great for beard growth. It stimulates your scalp when applied. This will increase the blood flow in your scalp, and as a result, your hair follicles are strengthened, and hairs start growing out.

Why Should I Use Tea Tree Oil

Let’s look at some of the fantastic benefits of why you should use tea tree oil for your beard growth.

  • It treats your beard’s greasiness: If you have a greasy beard, you will understand how stifling it can be. This is unhealthy for your beard, and it can cause other problems for your beard, especially hindering your beard growth. With tea tree oil, your beard will feel light, non-greasy, and healthy.
  • Prevents hair loss: Hair loss is a common beard problem that affects many beard groomers. However, you can address this by using a tea tree oil to restore moisture to your already dry beard and maintain your beard’s thickness.
  • It prevents build-up: If you use products such as beard wax or balm, then you will likely experience a build-up after a while. If you don’t do anything about the build-up, it will make your hair lose its natural sheen.
  • It unclogs blocked pores: Your pores will close up due to dirt and oil. Tea tree oil can be used to unclog the hair follicles and pores. It helps with weeding out ingrown hair follicles and inflammation of pores. All these will hinder beard growth and should be treated to encourage beard growth.
  • It treats beard acne and spots: Tea tree oil is a therapeutic and antiseptic oil that helps prevent acne and spots under your beard. It also protects your facial hair and skin from microbes and bacteria that can cause acne and bad odors.
  • It treats and prevents “beardruff”: Though beardruff is a very common condition among beard groomers, tea tree oil can help solve the problem. It can permanently get rid of dandruff and itching while encouraging beard growth at the same time.
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Does Tea Tree Oil Help Beard Growth?

Tea tree oil is great for beard growth. When used in moderation, it makes growing a beard easy. It has a nice herbal smell, has healing properties and stimulates hair growth. After a few applications, you will notice that your beard and skin problems such as acne, beardruff, and hair breakage will be significantly reduced. 

Also, tea tree oil works against the microorganisms that dwell underneath your beard and cause infections for you there. Applying this oil will calm and soothe any itchiness you have and hydrate your dry beard. A well-moisturized beard is a great start for encouraging growth.

How Do You Use Tea Tree Oil To Grow Your Beard?

Tea tree oil can be added to your beard grooming routine in different ways. First, you can add a drop of the oil to either the beard conditioner or shampoo that you are using to wash your beard. By doing this, you are ensuring that your beard and the skin underneath it is kept clean and refreshed. This will encourage growing a longer and fuller beard.

How Do You Use Tea Tree Oil To Grow Your Beard

One important thing to note is that you shouldn’t use your tea tree oil alone. It is very strong. Make sure you dilute essential oils like tea tree oil with carrier oils before you apply them to your beard.

I will be sharing some recipes on how to use tea tree oil below. The recipes include specific carriers oil to use. However, there are other options. You can use any carrier oil you know works for you. Some carrier oils are olive, jojoba, argan oil, hemp seed, sweet almond, coconut, and hazelnut. If you want, you can add more than one carrier oil to a recipe. It all depends on what you need and what is available.

The recipes below can be applied to your beard daily. They are all great in promoting beard health and growth. The essential oils in them give the mixture a unique and pleasant scent to keep your beard smelling nice all day.

Tea Tree Oil Recipe 1 (For Calming)

This tea tree oil recipe is peppermint based. I believe you already know that peppermint contains calming properties that you can feel as you breathe it in. The peppermint is also an antiseptic that kills off bacteria underneath your beard.

Ingredients needed are:

  • Tea tree oil (2 drops)
  • Argan oil (2 tbsp)
  • Peppermint oil (2 drops)


Mix the oils together. When applying to your beard, use a dropper and not your hands. A dropper helps prevent dirt and body oils from contaminating your Tea Tree Oil Recipe. If you don’t have a bottle with a dropper, you can mix the oils into small bottles and store them, then use them one at a time. Pour a little out onto your palm, and rub your palms together, then apply to your beard. 

Tea Tree Oil Recipe 2 (For Itchy Beard)

If the skin underneath your beard is dry, your beard will likely become itchy. An anti-itch tea tree oil mixture is an awesome way to treat an itchy beard, no matter what length it is.

Ingredients needed are:

  • Tea tree oil (2 drops)
  • Sandalwood oil (2 tbsp)


Mix both oils in a bottle and use with a dropper. You can mix in an extra drop of tea tree oil if you have very flaky skin. If you live in an arid climate or have harsh, cold winters, the third drop is important. Sandalwood oil is like a moisturizer, and you shouldn’t need more than one application in the morning to achieve a smooth face.

Tea Tree Oil Recipe 3 (For Healthy and Shiny Beard)

This recipe contains coconut oil. Coconut oil has many amazing benefits such as reducing inflammation, restoring skin from sun damage, healing wounds, anti-aging properties, and other benefits. It hastens beard growth and makes hair look healthy and shiny. If you have a coarse beard, this recipe will be very helpful.

Ingredients needed are:

  • Tea tree oil (2 drops)
  • Coconut oil (1 tbsp)


Before mixing the coconut oil with the tea tree oil, heat up the coconut oil. It will be difficult to mix the coconut oil with the tea tree oil if it hasn’t melted completely. After heating and mixing both oils, store them in a small container.

At room temperature, coconut oil will return to a more solid-state, so you shouldn’t worry that your oil will spill. Warm it between your hands before applying it.


Tea tree oil is easy to find and very affordable. It is known to have many benefits, including most importantly, antibacterial properties. This makes it an ideal oil to use when growing your beard, as it keeps your beard and the skin under it clean. This reduces acne and clogged pores. 

You can easily make a Tea Tree Oil Recipe at home by mixing it with other carrier oils to create a mixture that is easy to apply to your beard and the skin under it. When using it, be careful not to allow it to get into your mouth.

When used properly, adding tea tree oil into your grooming routine can result in a healthier beard.




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