8 Best Beard And Mustache Scissors For Beginners

8 Best Beard And Mustache Scissors For Beginners

A man can never have too many sharp metal tools. Since the dawn of time, men have had to traverse dangerous terrain, slay sabretooth tigers with spears, hunt with the bow and arrow, and do all of these things to provide for a family.

We have evolved with sharp tools in our hands that we used to shape the environment around us. For modern beardsmen, trimming our beards will be similar to trimming a bush.

Just like those wild environments of the past, we must use sharp tools to shape and tame our beards. Thankfully, there are plenty of excellent beard and mustache scissors we can use to trim our manes and get them in perfect, majestic shape.

What Makes a Solid Pair of Beard Scissors?

For many beardsmen, a good pair of beard scissors is a must-have. Sometimes there’s that annoying rogue hair or even a cowlick that absolutely has to be put in its place.

Like a rugged traveler trekking through a jungle with a machete, a beardsman will require a solid pair of shears to deal with his beard. 

What makes a good pair of shears? Solid construction, durability, sharp blades, and several other factors. You can generally tell a good pair of beard scissors by how easily and cleanly they trim beard hair. 

The 8 Best Beard and Mustache Scissors for Beginners

Of course, every beardsman will need to take their own physical attributes into account when choosing a pair of scissors. Some men have larger and thicker hands that require bigger loops.

Other beardsmen may have thicker hair that needs a sharper and more durable set of blades. For those beardsmen who simply don’t know, these beard and mustache scissors are excellent pieces of kit to have a look at.

8. Suvorna 5″ Beard & Mustache Styling Scissors

If you want to feel like a samurai while trimming your beard, this pair of scissors made of Japanese steel could suit you. These scissors are handcrafted, made from finest J2 420 Japanese steel.

They’ve been heat-treated to a Rockwell hardness of 53-54. They’re mirror polished with a highly reflective smooth surface that resists moisture and oxidation. These scissors can last a lifetime. Overall, these are great for use with virtually any kind of beard hair. 

They are right-handed, but, unlike others, they seem to be comfortable and usable with the left hand as well. The loops are big and they work well even for those with big hands. These scissors are short, thick, and bulky, which is not ideal for trimming a beard.


  • Excellent quality steel
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Short, thick, and bulky shape is not ideal for beard trimming

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7. Marbeian Beard and Mustache Comb and Scissors

These scissors are exactly 4.5 inches long, which makes them ideal for easily cutting any place of your beard without too much difficulty or wrist flexing.

The stainless steel is long-lasting and easy to clean, and the faux leather case is perfect for keeping the trimming tools at hand any time you need them. These are very sharp and an excellent choice for beardsmen with thick hair.

The Marbeian Beard and Moustache Scissors also comes with a comb, but the comb is very cheap and not of the best quality. 


  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Excellent length


  • The comb is not worth the extra money

6. Meister Traders Professional Hair Cutting Shears

The Meister Traders Professional Hair Cutting Shears are made of solid quality Japanese stainless steel. The blades are tempered, and the cutting edges hand-sharpened to evenly trim thick, resistant beard hair.

They also come in a sleek black, non-reflective look. These scissors are on the longer end of the beard-cutting spectrum at 6.5 inches. As an added bonus, these feature a detachable finger rest. 

The only downside is that these scissors were made for someone with tiny hands. Many reviews from big-handed beardsmen have complained about the size of the loops.


  • Detachable finger rest
  • Solid quality steel
  • Long blades


  • Tiny finger loops

5. Facón Professional Razor Edge Barber Hair Cutting Scissors

This pair of scissors is a perfectly weighted design constructed of Japanese stainless steel. The steel is coated with black powder for a sleek, non-reflective look and resistance to rust.

It features a versatile finger rest and comfortable finger inserts. The tension screw is also adjustable, making these scissors almost ideal for comfort during use. These scissors are a new design and the reviews seem very promising.


  • Black powder rests rust
  • Quality Japanese steel
  • Comfortable finger inserts


  • Too new to know if it’s durable long term

4. Cremo Beard and Mustache Stainless Steel Shears

The Cremo Beard and Mustache Stainless Steel Shears also utilize high-quality steel in their construction that is long lasting and easy to clean. Included with the scissors are a comb and a small leather case to carry both wherever you go. The comb is small and is meant more to be a tool assisting with cutting your beard, rather than shaping the beard directly.

However, some reports have said that the scissor’s blade may be spaced just a bit too wide apart, which means beardsmen may have to hold them a certain way to cut effectively. This can be very annoying. 


  • Good quality steel
  • Nice leather pouch


  • Comb is cheap

3. Swords Germany – Stainless Steel Beard Scissors

These are nice scissors and they’re made of German steel, which is of excellent quality. With a length of 5 inches, they do seem to be good in terms of length for a pair of beard-cutting scissors. There’s also a microfiber cleaning cloth that is ideal for cleaning leftover beard hair off this stainless steel beauty. 

The only downside to using these is that they are made for beardsmen with small hands. The loops simply aren’t big enough to make cutting with these easy for a man with big digits.


  • High-quality German steel
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth included
  • 5” length


  • Made for tiny hands.

2. HAWATOUR Beard Scissors

The HAWATOUR Beard Scissors are constructed from excellent quality stainless and have a finger rest included. Both the parts of the scissors are perfectly balanced in terms of shape, design, and weight.

The riveting work that is done to keep both the parts of the scissors in place is also good. This helps the scissors to give the right kind of balance, and there is no risk of under-cutting or over-cutting the beard. 

These beard scissors were made for big-handed beardsmen. So if you have large hands and large fingers, these could fit you excellently.


  • Excellent quality steel
  • Perfectly balanced as all things should be


  • Big handed design will not work for small-handed beardsmen

1. Equinox Professional Razor Edge Hair Cutting Scissors

At 6.5 inches, these are long scissors. The Equinox Professional Razor Edge Cutting Scissors have reached the number one spot on the Amazon seller list for many reasons.

These scissors have an ergonomic handle design made to easily maneuver the blades around the beard with precision. The handles cradle the fingers and allow beardsmen total control. These are also made of Japanese stainless steel, which is of exceptional quality. 

The Equinox Professional Razor Edge Cutting Scissors are very sharp. These are right-handed scissors – they’re tricky to use if you are a lefty because of the handle design. For right-handed beardsmen, these scissors will be a great choice.


  • Exceptional quality Japanese steel
  • Ergonomic handle design is ideal for control


  • The handle design is terrible for left-handed people


For many beardsmen, trimming our beards will require precision tools. All of these beard and mustache scissors are excellent choices for cutting and precisely shaping our beards. It’s important for every beardsmen to make their choice after carefully assessing their hand size and beard type.

However, for most men, The Equinox Professional Razor Edge Cutting Scissors will likely be the best choice. The ergonomic handle and good quality are simply a cut above the rest! Just don’t get it if you’re left-handed because you’ll find them almost impossible to get used to.




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