Should You Trim Your Mustache When Growing A Beard?

Should You Trim Your Mustache When Growing A Beard

For many years now, facial hair, especially mustaches, have been a fashion statement for men, and those without it often wish they have one.

Over time, the mustache trend was gradually disappearing as it was being associated with creepiness, or disco fashion. There has been a resurgence in the popularity of mustaches, and there are many styles being worn these days.

If you have a mustache and are growing a beard, the question now is, should you trim your mustache when growing your beard?

Yes, you should. A well-groomed beard includes a well-groomed mustache. Keeping it properly trimmed communicates manliness, confidence and class. The way to do this is by trimming your mustache regularly.

The following sections will highlight what mustache trimming is, its importance, and how to trim your mustache to get a clean look, among other things.

What Is Mustache Trimming?

Having a mustache has always given men a classic look. However, after some time, the mustache will grow out and start giving you a look far that is far from classic.

This shouldn’t scare you away from growing a mustache. If you want to, then go for it. You can control the growth and make it look clean and tidy. Doing this requires that you take the necessary steps involved in mustache trimming.

Mustache trimming is the systematic trimming of hairs above your lips to achieve a well-groomed look.

Should You Trim Your Mustache When Growing A Beard?

Yes, you should!

Beard grooming has come a long way and has become an important aspect of men’s life. It is no doubt that men with mustaches exude masculinity. However, there is a thin line between looking classic with a mustache and looking like a chump with it. To avoid crossing the line, you need to learn how to trim your mustache to give you that classy and manly look.

There isn’t much difference between growing a beard and a mustache. They require patience, time, and a few grooming skills. Regardless, achieving a neat look with your mustache will require that you trim it regularly to avoid your face looking messy and unkempt. A well-groomed man radiates not just confidence but class. 

Just like with a beard, the first step is to trim regularly but carefully. 

Benefits of Trimming a Mustache

Below are 4 benefits of mustache trimming you should know.

1. Removes Split Ends

Split ends interfere with your facial hair growth by slowing the growth down and making your mustache appear unkempt. The split parts break off more easily when combing, making your mustache appear shorter, patchy, and scruffy. Trimming will remove the split ends and make the mustache edges even.

2. Maintains an Even Appearance

People’s facial hair growth is different; hair grows at a different pace for everyone. Some hair may grow tilted toward the right while others grow towards the left. For you to control this growth, you need to trim your mustache to maintain an even appearance and train it to grow evenly.

3. Enhances Appearance

Research has suggested that men with well-groomed facial hair look more attractive. To achieve well-groomed facial hair, you can’t avoid trimming your mustache. Keep it looking clean, trim and tidy to ensure a well-presented look.

4. Removes Coarse and Tangled Hair

The coarse and tangled hairs are usually spiky and stubborn. They sometimes won’t even lay down until a beard wax is used to temporarily hold them down. Those hairs can be trimmed to achieve a cleaner look.

When to Trim a Mustache

In recent times, the mustache trend seems to be fully back to the mainstream, and this trend is here to stay. If you want to look cool wearing a mustache, you need to know the right way to trim it. Your mustache should be trimmed about once every week.

If you color your mustache either for fashion or to cover up the grays, then do it before your trim. That way, the color will seem more natural and well saturated and you will need less product. 

Mustache Trimming Tools

Getting the right tools for trimming your mustache is just as important as the entire trimming experience. Even though you don’t have to empty your savings on trimming tools, you should still ensure you get the right tools with good quality. 

Mustache Trimming Tools

The greatest challenge when it comes to trimming tools would be figuring exactly the right tools you need. Since there are many trimming tools in the market, the best way to figure out what you need will be following your mustache style. That way, you can get tools that are well-matched with your mustache. 

  • Trimmer

One of the must-have tools you need for your mustache is a trimmer to keep it well-groomed. A good trimmer will help you get the right trim, regardless of the length of your mustache – it will get the job done. 

You should aim for a quality trimmer that fits into your grooming routine and not just any random trimmer since there are so many options for you to choose from.

  • Scissors

If you plan to grow out your mustache, then you will surely need a pair of good grooming scissors. The scissors are a helpful tool especially when you want to trim a long mustache and they are a must-have in a man’s mustache grooming kit.

Meanwhile, the scissors can also be used for a shorter mustache, but you will need to master the skill of using it so that you don’t end up messing up the mustache you have grown.

How To Trim A Mustache While Growing A Beard

Although trimming the mustache might sound like an easy task, it could ruin weeks of effort in growing out facial hair if it is not done properly. Let’s take a look at a few steps that could help in the trimming process.

How To Trim A Mustache While Growing A Beard

Step 1: Let It Grow Out

You need to have enough upper lip hair before trimming your mustache. Until then, you don’t have much of a justification for using the scissors.

As a bearded man and an experienced Beard Guidance expert, I have come across many people who thought they couldn’t grow a beard or mustache properly. However, the issue was that they never gave their beard or mustache proper time to grow out and envelop the upper lip before trimming it. 

To get the right mustache trimming experience while growing a beard, you need to have something to trim. So give your upper lip hair sufficient time to grow –at least one month before considering any trimming routine. 

After you have grown the mustache out to have enough hair, it will then be time to go ahead with the usual business of trimming and creating your mustache style. You will need your scissors at this point and probably a bit of wax to start the grooming process properly.

When maintaining your mustache, the first thing is to gauge the current level and performance of the mustache growth. Be patient.

Step 2: Make Use of a Facial Comb

Use a good comb and stroke your mustache in a downward pattern straight over your upper lip while paying close attention to the main hairline. You should take note of your lip line as it will be what you will use as a guide when you trim or prune the excess upper lip hair.

Combs are not all the same. The following tips should be considered when selecting the comb you will use to create a clean look: 

  • Pick the right comb. Avoid combs that are made with pressed resins and plastics. Those ones are big trouble for your mustache.
  • You need to match your mustache with the right comb. A wide tooth comb will be best for a thick mustache, while smaller tooth combs are good for keeping a thinner mustache in check.
  • Cheap combs have jagged edges due to the process of manufacturing. When used, it may pull your hairs or even break your mustache hairs. They may even scratch your skin.
  • The comb’s size is also an important factor to consider. Choose a big comb that will cover half of the lip for each stroke. You can easily groom with a few strokes when you use the right size of comb and this technique.
  • A single downward stroke can be used to align your mustache and get a picture of where you should begin trimming from. 

Step 3: Ensure Your Mustache Is Dry

It is highly recommended to trim your facial hair when it’s dry. This will avoid over trimming since wet hair will look longer, and you can over trim without realizing it. Also, hair shrinks when it dries, so leave it a little longer to account for shrinkage.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t say you shouldn’t wash your mustache before trimming. You can wash it, but let it dry before trimming. Trimming when dry allows you to have better control over your lip line contour. As you learn to trim your mustache, learn to use combs. 

Step 4: Choose a Style for Your Mustache 

It can be a fun and exciting experience to grow your mustache. However, you need to decide on a style for your mustache. Your style should define your personality and face shape.

There are many different styles to choose from. Look at the many styles and pick one that you think will suit you. Don’t be afraid to try a few different styles before settling on your “signature look”.

Step 5: Ensure Your Mustache Is Evenly Trimmed

The final stage of trimming is to check if your mustache looks even and well-trimmed and correct any little flaws before you show it to the outside world. 

After cleaning and trimming your mustache, make sure you give it a second look to be sure it’s evenly trimmed. To do this, use your comb in long, single strokes from your mustache’s upper part and down to your upper lip. 

 Look for “straggler hairs” and test how even your trim is. You can use a magnifying mirror or take a selfie to check it out carefully. A photo will give you an idea of how your mustache really looks when you aren’t moving around. 


Growing a manly mustache is a fun and rewarding experience. Every man should have at least basic knowledge of how to trim a mustache. You just need to follow the basic rules, and your mustache will look amazing in no time. Use the proper tools, including a comb and scissors, to groom and trim your mustache properly. 

If you’ve been avoiding trimming your mustache because you are intimidated, you may want to go to a barber to get it done right, and then use my handy tips to maintain it. If you can’t go to a barber, just go slow and steady. Grow it out, use the right tools, and check carefully to ensure it’s even.

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