How Attractive Are Grey Beards Really? Here’s The Truth!

How Attractive Are Grey Beards Really

Pierce Brosnan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are two actors that rock the grey beard. It seems that both are still stealing hearts. But some men believe that other people find grey beards not that appealing. This begs the question; are grey beards attractive?

Many people wonder how attractive are grey beards. The answer is that they’re quite attractive. Grey beards are visually interesting to many ladies. However, it’s dependent on the appearance and style of the beard. A grey beard will certainly steal some hearts if it’s neatly trimmed.

So don’t worry about your grey beard. Let’s take a closer look at why it is attractive and how to maintain it.

Why Are Grey Beards Attractive?

The appearance of a man with a grey beard has an unquestionably appealing charm to it. But what is it about grey beards that make them so attractive? 

1. A Mature Look

Grey-bearded men radiate a mature, assertive, and sophisticated energy. The beard will make you appear wise and mature, which many people find appealing. After all, facial hair is often associated with maturity and respect.

Since the grey beard gives that attractive look, it could boost your confidence. 

2. The Salt and Pepper Style

In case you aren’t familiar, salt and pepper hair is a combination of grey, silver, and black hair. Even though it was once an indication of old age, the look is now considered stylish. 

This style is adopted by plenty of heartthrob celebrities. George Clooney is one of the most well-known celebs who can pull off the look.

3. Shows Good Hygiene 

Beard necessitates a daily care practice. Hence, keeping a healthy beard is a sign of strong hygiene. Your beard should be brushed, trimmed, and washed. As a result, it’s time-consuming and needs commitment. 

Your diet and how you keep your body healthy might also affect your beard’s condition. Hence, having a healthy beard reflects good health and demonstrates dedication.

4. Better Than Natural Hair Color

Grey beards can be a nice change from your original hair color. They give some “spice” to your style and are a terrific way to liven up your appearance. 

The color could be particularly attractive on younger males. Males in their early twenties usually have their natural hair color. So, anyone with grey hair at that age would stand out. Many people see that the maturity that greying hair symbolizes on a younger guy is appealing.

Why Does Beard Hair Grow Grey Earlier Than Head Hair?

Why Does Beard Hair Grow Grey Earlier Than Head Hair

The majority of men notice their beards changing colors earlier than their head hair. This is because beards grow quicker than head hair. But at the same time, they use more melanin. 

Melanin is a pigment in hair that determines hair color. The cells generate a decreased amount of melanin as you get older. As a consequence, your hair color will turn lighter.

Greying of the hair usually begins around the age of 30 to 35, but it varies as everyone is different. Some people can have that experience as young as 15, although it’s a rare occurrence.

How to Increase Melanin in Your Beard?

If you want to enhance the amount of melanin in your beard hair, you can do a variety of things. Melanin production is influenced by your diet. Many vitamins are important to increase melanin, including vitamin A, C, and B12. 

Citrus fruits, such as oranges, provide a high dose of vitamin C. The vitamin is also found in broccoli and potatoes. Vitamin A is found mainly in dairy and eggs. Beef, chicken, and liver are good sources of vitamin B12. 

Additionally, you can take supplements. These supplements are usually vitamin formulas that support healthy beard growth. They contain all of the vitamins required to keep a good beard. 

How to Maintain Your Beard?

How to Maintain Your Beard

Maintaining your beard on a regular schedule will assist in keeping it in good shape. Beards can hold bacteria from food stuck in your beard. So, it’s critical to keep your beard clean at all times to avoid irritation and unwanted odor. 

1. Washing

It’s critical to wash your beard regularly. Food stuck in your beard, dandruff, and dead skin cells can aggravate itching. Additionally, it can make your beard smell odd. When you wash your beard, it cleans and soothes your facial hair, making it easier to trim. 

Use a beard shampoo multiple times a week to wash your beard. After you’ve washed your beard, don’t try to trim the wet hair. Instead, dry your beard so it’s moist but not drenched. Over-toweling can cause frizz and flyaways, so gently pat it dry to avoid that.

2. Brushing

You should always brush your beard before trimming your hair. When you brush your beard, you get rid of knots and accentuate any length irregularities. 

Brush your beard in the direction that the hair grows. Make sure you’re not brushing your beard too vigorously. 

A comb will suffice if your beard is short, but a brush may be required if it’s bushy.

3. Trimming

Because your beard is constantly growing, you must maintain it regularly. Trim your beard every other day if you have a thin and short beard. Once or twice a week may be sufficient if you have a full beard. 

Make sure to cut the hair that pokes out before trimming the full beard. They’ll easily stand out if you’ve brushed your beard beforehand. Remove the guard from the trimmer. Then, cautiously cut away any stray hairs avoiding being near to the beard itself. 

Repeat with the rest of the hair on your beard until it reaches the desired length.

4. Styling

To prevent irritation, make sure your beard is dry before styling it. To style your beard, you can use beard oils or beard balm. It hydrates not just the hair but also your face. Additionally, it relieves beard irritation and itching while growing, leaving the beard smelling terrific. 

You don’t need expensive oil products. In fact, you can make your own oil at home

A beard balm acts as a leave-in moisturizer for your beard. It hydrates, conditions, styles, and smoothes your hair. Whichever one you choose, they will soften your hair and make it easier for you to style.

Wrap Up

Grey beards are undeniably appealing. They can give you a refined appearance, show good hygiene, and give you a charming salt and pepper style. 

Facial hair grows faster than head hair, which is why beards become more obvious as they turn grey. 

Beards must be groomed and maintained regularly to remain appealing. Once you take care of your beard well, you’ll look like the next Brad Pitt in no time.

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