8 Best Wooden Beard Combs for Beginners

Best Wooden Beard Combs for Beginners

Even after you have completely and thoroughly groomed your beard, it may require some quick adjustments throughout the day. A man’s mane is his crown! All kings want their crowns to look good and sharp to represent the strength of their reign.

For beardsmen, keeping our crowns sharp throughout the day may take some quick and easy maintenance. The same way a king may have his crown quickly polished from smudges throughout the day, a beardsman may have to use a comb to keep his beard in check.

A good comb is simply a perfect tool to have available for quick adjustments.

What Makes a Good Comb?

Every beardsman should evaluate their particular mane and make sure they have their specific needs met. Not all beards respond the same to certain combs. One beardsman may find a comb that works better for him than another person.

However, there are some features that surpass others beyond a shadow of a doubt. For instance, when a comb is anti-static, it decreases the amount of times you’ll need to brush because static will move your hair around.

Wooden combs are generally better; they produce no static at all. A comb with shorter teeth is better for a shorter beard, whereas a longer toothed comb would serve a longer beard better. Also, less dense beards would be better adjusted with a wide-toothed comb. Denser beards will react better to a comb with closely spaced teeth. 

The 8 Best Wooden Beard Combs for Beginners

Make an assessment of your beard to find out the comb that works best for you. For those taking their baby steps in the world of beardom, here are some good combs to start with.

8. Green Beard Grmng Tree-mendous Sandalwood Folding Comb

For vegan beardsmen, this is the perfect choice. It’s partnered with the organization One Tree Planted, so whenever you buy one of these combs, two trees will be planted. This beard comb is made from 100% forest friendly sustainably-harvested natural green sandalwood. In terms of tooth length and spacing, this comb is somewhere in the middle.

Green Beard Grmng’s wooden beard comb is also quite durable. This is thanks, in part, to its dense construction, but also because it’s a foldable comb. The folded position reduces the exposure of the teeth to other elements while you’re carrying it around. It’s neat and compact. Every time this comb is folded, it somewhat replenishes the sandalwood scent it comes with.

However, it only features one set of teeth because of the foldable design. Instead of the option of using the smaller teeth for your mustache and wider teeth for the rest of your beard, you must use this all around.


  • Supports planting trees  
  • Compact comb and durable
  • Sandalwood scent


  • Limited options with teeth

7. BFWood Pocket Beard Comb

The BFWood Pocket Beard Comb is constructed of reliable sandalwood. It features two sets of teeth, one widely-spaced and another closely-spaced. Natural sandalwood might have a 1% possibility to get mold; just simply wipe with a towel and keep the comb in the sun for a short time and it will be good.

There are some reports of this comb being constructed a little too densely. It may seem heavier than it looks and feel clunky in your hands. It’s just a bit too thick. 


  • Dual sets of teeth
  • Low chance of accumulating mold


  • Comb is dense and clunky
  • A little too thick

6. Onedor Sandalwood Fine Tooth Folding Brush Comb for Men

The Onedor Sandalwood comb is foldable and functional. It’s constructed of sandalwood, which smells nice and is anti-static. For most purposes, this is a well-rounded comb. The foldable design also protects the teeth, which should increase the durability.

The teeth on this comb are somewhat brittle, though, compared to other combs. Don’t be surprised if you brush too hard with this comb and the teeth break. Thicker hair will also risk breaks in the teeth. It also has only one set of teeth by default of being a foldable comb. If the teeth are perfect for your beard hair all around, then it’s not a problem.


  • Foldable for ease of travel


  • One set of teeth
  • If you have thick hair, it will break more easily

5. Menesia Wooden Beard Comb and Case for Men

The Menesia Wooden Beard Comb is made of entirely natural wood. The leather case it comes in is made of vegan leather. All good news for people who prefer no animal leather. 

The tips of the teeth are rounded to avoid damaging the skin. But this is terrible for beard hair penetration. This comb is only just bigger than a credit card. The small size is a plus for travel, but it doesn’t cover a wide area during each stroke. They might as well have gone ahead and made it the size of a credit card. That way, I could carry it in my wallet, which would count as a bonus.


  • Solid wooden construction
  • Vegan leather
  • Rounded teeth to avoid harming skin
  • Excellent for travel


  • Small size covers less area
  • Rounded teeth offer only modest beard penetration

4. Rocky Mountain Barber Company Hair Comb

This is a sturdy, straightforward comb with nothing fancy. It’s anti-static and assists greatly with detangling hair. The Rocky Mountain Barber Company Hair Comb is constructed from pearwood, which is light and strong. Pearwood is also very easy on the eye.

The old-school shape of this comb means it only has one set of teeth, but designers at Rocky Mountain Barber Company sought to make sure it would be a good set. The teeth are medium length and somewhat close together. This way, they can address most types of beard hair.


  • Pearwood Construct for lighter weight and better durability
  • Medium length, well-spaced teeth to address most types of hair


  • Only one side of teeth

3. Hunter Jack Beard Comb Kit for Men

When Beardsmen purchase this comb, 10% of the earnings will go to plant a tree and thus support reforestation’s B1G1 Project. So, beardsmen seeking to improve the planet will have a benefit to purchasing this comb. The Hunter Jack Beard Comb is made from completely natural wood. Since it’s a dual-sided comb, the teeth on one side or the other will be able to address the needs of virtually any kind of hair as regards density or thickness.

The Hunter Jack Beard Comb is very lightweight. Perhaps it’s a little too lightweight. It may be subject to breaking if put under levels of stress that other combs might withstand. 


  • Helps plant a tree and supports reforestation with each purchase
  • Dual-sided teeth design addresses almost all hair types


  • Lightweight construction and lack of density mean low durability

2. The Art of Shaving Beard Comb

The Art of Shaving Beard Comb is quite expensive by comparison to other combs. It’s about three times the price. Does it deliver three times the capability? Well, it’s constructed of Argentinian Green Sandalwood, which smells great and is highly durable.

The dual sides of teeth allow this comb to address virtually all types of hair. The teeth are also quite long. This allows for all types of beard penetration in a small convenient package.


  • Highly durable
  • Two sides of long teeth address the needs of all beard types
  • Argentinian Green Sandalwood smells great


  • Expensive

1. Viking Revolution Beard and Comb Case

This Viking Revolution Bear and Comb Case climbed extremely high on the Amazon sale list and it’s not hard to see why. It’s composed of 100% pearwood, which is durable and long-lasting. The synthetic leather case it comes with feels quite nice, but it’s not as good as natural leather.

This dual-sided comb features two sets of rounded teeth. The rounding out of the teeth decreases its beard hair penetration during each stroke. One side of teeth or the other can generally meet the needs of all types of beard hair. 

What makes this comb such a winner is the price. It’s very cheap and delivers a lot for a low cost. For beginners stepping out into the world of beardership, this is a highly appealing option.


  • Dual-sided teeth address all beard needs
  • Long-lasting and durable construction
  • Very inexpensive


  • Rounded teeth decrease beard hair penetration
  • Not as durable as many other combs


As it happens, these are all quite good combs in their own way. The Viking Revolution Beard and Comb case is most likely the most superior option for beginning beardsmen. The capabilities it offers are good and the price is incredibly cheap.

New beardsmen will likely want to start out with a low investment in their first comb while they get a feel for what their beard really needs. The  Viking Revolution Comb is perfect for this.



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