8 Best Butterfly Safety Razors for Sensitive Skin

8 Best Butterfly Safety Razors for Sensitive Skins

Applying a razor to sensitive skin can be like plowing soil. If your plow is too harsh, you damage the soil and make planting crops more difficult. You want to be able to plow the soil while keeping it undamaged and smooth. Sometimes you may need to hydrate the soil with irrigation if it’s extra soft.

Like soft soil, men with sensitive skin need the touch of something delicate. For most men, that will be a butterfly razor. Butterfly razors are ultimately the tool of choice for cutting hair while avoiding harm to vulnerable skin. But you might be asking, what kind of butterfly razor would best suit me?

What Makes a Good Butterfly Razor?

A good butterfly razor will have no problem cutting through hair while leaving the skin as virtually untouched as possible. This is not an easy task to accomplish for a razor since they are designed to scrape the skin in order to slice off hair.

Butterfly razors have a hinged door design that allows them to replace multiple blades. This feature allows them to last longer. For a butterfly razor, all a beardsman will need is a lot more blades to keep shaving over the long run. They are also designed to be soft on the skin, which makes them ideal for men with sensitive skin. 

The 8 Best Butterfly Safety Razors for Sensitive Skin

It’s important for every man with sensitive skin to carefully assess their requirements to determine what would be the most suitable razor. But, for those who have no idea, here are some excellent butterfly razors to start with.

8. Yintal Double Edge Safety Razors

The Yintal Double Edge Safety Razor is designed to give a close shave while reducing nicks and razor burns. Beardsmen can use this to shave with one-piece stainless steel blades. This reusable manual shaver will save buyers a lot of money because it’s cheap.

Eco-friendly beardsmen will love this razor. Cartridge heads and handles usually contain too much plastic. This safety razor is made of brass and it works with stainless steel blades. Every part of this razor is recyclable. The only downside is that the blades that come with this razor are very poor quality. It would be best to buy some quality blades and use those instead.


  • Eco-friendly construction
  • Low cost
  • Good stainless steel


  • Will still leave razor burns and nicks
  • Poor quality razors included

7. BAILI Butterfly Open TTO Double Edge Metal Safety Razor

This butterfly razor is composed of an Eco Zinc alloy that resists rust. It was built with the goal of offering a medium aggressive and close shave. The easy to use design will be useful for both beginners and experts. The BAILI butterfly razor will also eliminate skin irritation and leave a bearded man’s face with a clean, healthy look. 

This blade is made of Swedish or Japanese Steel 6CR13. Because of this, it is incredibly sharp and durable for a safety blade. It will also slice your skin open like a chestnut if you’re not careful!


  • Eco Zinc alloy is environment friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Soft on skin
  • Cheap


  • The blades are too sharp and are likely to cut you if you’re not careful

6. LEYMIGA Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

In terms of quantity, this butterfly razor comes with ten razors. That’s excellent, so long as you are maintaining the blades well or switching them often. The construction of this razor is simply solid steel with chrome plating. It’s also very cheap.

However, the LEYMIGA Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor comes with ten very cheap blades. Some reports indicate that using the blades this razor comes with brings a higher than normal risk of skin irritation and nicks. 


  • Ten razor blades included, which is double that of most competitors
  • Inexpensive
  • Solid Steel construction keeps price low


  • The included razor blades are not that good

5. Parker 99R – Long Handle Heavyweight Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

Parker Safety Razor has been manufacturing quality Shaving Products for over forty-five years. Parker Razors are specifically built to eliminate the chances of irritation, bumps, and ingrown hairs. This design is no exception. The blades are manufactured with stainless steel from Sandvik of Sweden, and they’re coated with a proprietary platinum and polymer blend for long-lasting and smooth shaves.

The handle of this razor is dense and heavy, which is sure to make them feel solid to shave with. A textured pattern on the handle provides a sure grip. Some problems with the closing mechanism coming loose have been reported in reviews, but this is largely uncommon.


  • Soft on skin, reducing irritation, bumps, and ingrown hairs
  • Swedish Stainless Steel coated in platinum give excellent finish
  • Heavy handle weight can assist with shaving


  • Closing mechanism may need double-checking
  • Pricey

4. ZOMCHI Butterfly Open Razors for Men or Women

The ZOMCHI Butterfly Open Razor is nicely finished and features a very simple opening and closing mechanism for the blades that’s easy to use. Beardsmen will just need to unscrew the handle until the razor head opens, replace the previous old blade with a new one, and then screw the razor handle tightly.

This razor will give a very close shave, lifting and removing hair follicles. It’s also extremely eco-friendly, even more so than most, since even the package it arrives in is plastic-free. However, this razor is poorly designed for thick hair.


  • Very simple opening and closing mechanism
  • Excellent at close shaves
  • Highly eco-friendly; even the packaging doesn’t use plastic


  • Poor choice for thick-haired beardsmen

3. Oak Leaf Butterfly Open Men’s Shaving Razor

The Oak Leaf Butterfly Open Men’s Shaving Razor uses the same straightforward opening and closing mechanism to change the blade as the ZOMCHI blades and many others. This razor is decent but also exceptionally cheap, much cheaper than other options.

The handle is textured to allow it to be easy to grip even with wet hands; however, the handle is too short, even though it’s advertised as being long. This is not a good option for big-handed beardsmen; it will feel like a toy in their hands.


  • Extremely cheap
  • Decent quality


  • The handle is too small
  • Quality is mediocre compared to most options

2. Shaving Revolution Long Handle Double Edge Safety Razor

Shaving Revolution uses incredibly high-quality metals for its razors, including this one. This razor is made of stainless steel with a chrome finish that’s guaranteed to last a long time. The handle is exceptionally long, which is excellent for big-handed beardsmen. The length will allow for better control, and more length means more weight which is also good for control.

The Shaving Revolution Long Handle Double Edge Safety Razor also comes with ten razor blades, which is terrific value for its cheap price. Overall, this butterfly razor delivers lots of quality and quantity at a low cost.


  • High quality steel construction and chrome finish
  • Long handle improves control
  • Ten razor blades included
  • Low cost


  • If you have coarse or thick hair, this razor is a poor choice

1. WEISHI Nostalgic Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

This beautifully constructed and hand-crafted butterfly razor is of exceptionally good quality. This blade will resist giving beardsmen nicks, bumps, or irritation. As a result, this razor is damn near perfect for beardsmen with sensitive skin. The stainless steel construction is almost military grade.

The WEISHI Nostalgic Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor has an exceptionally long handle, just as it claims in the name. The long handle provides excellent control and is much better suited for bigger-handed beardsmen. Somehow, WEISHI managed to create this and offer it all at a much lower price than most. The only downside is that the razors this blade comes with are of such low quality you might as well throw them away.


  • Practically military grade stainless steel
  • Very soft on sensitive skin
  • Long handle provides great control
  • Long handle suits bigger-handed beardsmen
  • Low cost


  • The razors this comes with are very low quality


Sensitive-skinned beardsmen will need to carefully evaluate their hair and skin to determine exactly what suits them best. A butterfly razor may suit many men with sensitive skin since they are designed for a soft touch. For many sensitive-skinned men, the WEISHI Nostalgic Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor will probably be an optimal choice.

It simply offers a whole lot more than most razors at a very inexpensive cost. The high-quality steel ensures it will last a long time. The cheap price allows it to be a low-risk option if it ends up not being suitable for the buyer. A good butterfly razor is exactly meant to be these things to the searching beardsmen.



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