The 7 Best Beard Straighteners For Thin Hair

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Growing a beard with thin hair is like growing fields of corn. You’ll want the fields to be straight so they’re easier to keep clean. Otherwise, weeds and knots will form in the fields and they will look like a mess.  

Challenges with Taming a thin-haired Beard

A ragged, caveman-looking beard has its own appeal. However, in our society, the trend leans towards a well-groomed beard, one that, in a way, represents a caveman who’s adjusted well to the modern world! Without wishing to over-generalize, most women will always love a  masculine-looking man, preferably if that look is trendy.

Beards with thin hair tend to have a bad habit of growing wild and being difficult to tame. For the bearded man with thin hair, this means straightening his beard could dramatically increase its appeal. The most effective way to tame such a maelstrom of a beard will be a beard straightener, which is also called a heated beard brush.

These are the most popular tools for straightening beards, but there are also straightening combs and flat irons that can be as effective. So, which particular beard straightening tool would be the best option for you? That is a question you must ask yourself.

What Makes a Good Heated Beard Brush?

A good beard straightener will alter the flow of your beard without damaging it and without burning your face. One excellent quality of a good beard straightener is that it will glide through your beard and leave your hairs in good condition. Some beard straighteners even apply a vibrant shine to your hair after just a few strokes.

What kind of brush may best suit you will depend on your particular type of beard. For a person with thick beard hair, you’ll need a straightener with a strong touch. For others with thin hair, a straightener that’s not so rough would suit them better.

For a beard with thick hair, a wide set of strong teeth would be what it needs. Thinner-haired beards will benefit more from brushes with dense and narrow teeth.

The 7 Best Beard Straighteners for Thin Hair

Thin beards will benefit from straighteners with a specific set of attributes. I’ve considered several of them and here is a list of some of the best options:

7. Iston Beard Straightener with Anti-Scald Feature

The Iston Beard straightener is an excellent choice for those with thin hair. It has three heat settings: 302F, 338F, and 374F. The lower heat setting allows for this to be adjusted to thin-haired beards, and the higher setting will soothe the needs of those with thicker hair.

An excellent feature is an ionic, anti-static coating. Negative ions infused in the brush help greatly in negating the frizz of your beard after each stroke. 

For thin hair groomers, it also happens to have dense teeth. The density assists greatly in controlling and manipulating thin hair. This feature, combined with the wide brush head, provides excellent coverage and penetration during each stroke. An anti-scald design also means it won’t burn your skin when you’re using it. This is a great recommendation for thin-haired beards.


  • Anti-static
  • Lower temperature settings
  • Dense teeth


  • The brush is too big
  • Very cumbersome for a beard straightener

6. Vikicon Beard Straightener Comb

This design also features an anti-static coating over the teeth. It has an LED display that shows the temperature setting. This brush features temperature settings ranging from 176F to 392F.

The very low temperature setting allows it to straighten a great range of thin-haired beards without damaging the hair or burning the skin. The teeth are fairly short and this makes it perfect for short beards. One drawback of the short teeth is that it makes using this a poor option for straightening long beards. Overall, it is a solid choice if your beard has very thin hair and is short.


  • Very wide range of temperature control
  • Short teeth are excellent for short beards
  • Anti-static


  • The longer your beard gets, the less the short teeth will suit you

5. XIKEZAN Beard Straightener Comb

This is a very popular beard straightener since it features high-quality glass fiber teeth that are very long. The teeth are perfect for deep beard penetration. They’re also densely packed together, so the brush is perfect for a long, thin beard. However, this brush does not feature any anti-static coating. 

The heat settings range from 356F to 428F, which is extremely high compared with other products. Such high heat settings provide ample power to smooth curly hair that is difficult to maintain. But most thin hair will be damaged with heat settings that are too high.

If you don’t want to set your thin hair on fire with this brush, then you might want to apply oil or heavy moisturizer in ample amounts.


  • Long teeth ideal for long beards
  • Dense teeth packing


  • Heat may be too high for thin hair
  • Accumulates static

4. Arkam Deluxe Beard Straightener

Although it’s spelled almost the same as Arkham Asylum from the comic book universe of a certain caped-crusader, this brush has nothing to do with super-heroes or villains – unless the Joker has one stashed away under his bunk.

However, it is an extremely popular choice for many reasons. It can support 110V to 240V power sources, and that makes it ideal for use when traveling virtually anywhere in the world. Its long-toothed brush is ideal for long beards.


  • Perfect choice for the traveling beardsman
  • Long teeth are ideal for long beards.
  • Makes you feel like Batman!


  • Long teeth are a poor choice for short beards.

3. Aberlite MAX Beard Straightener for Home and Travel

The Aberlite MAX is an excellent beard straightener with 5 different heat settings that cover a wide range of options. It supports 100V to 240V power sources, which makes it an ideal option for world travelers.

The designers took great care in creating a heat brush that wouldn’t damage the user’s face so it can go to lower temperatures with a lowest setting at 374F. This spectacular low heat setting is nearly ideal for thin-haired beards, and its long dense teeth are excellent for changing the flow of long beards.

The only downside to this is that it seems too big. It might work much better if it was smaller, but using this brush may be difficult in covering the sides of your beard. 


  • Excellent low heat setting of 374F for thin-haired beards
  • Designed with great care to avoid burning the user’s face
  • Perfect voltage support range for traveling
  • Long varied teeth are ideal for penetrating long beards.


  • Possibly too big

2. Andis 38300 High Heat Ceramic Comb

The Andis 38300 High Heat Ceramic Comb is almost the perfect choice for thin-haired beards. It features 20 different heat settings for all types of hair, which gives the user many options for thin-haired beards requiring low heat. The comb is ceramic and the teeth are closely spaced together, so it’s guaranteed to cover and deeply penetrate thin hair no matter how dense it is.

However, this is, in fact, a female product. It’s not entirely designed for beards. The Andis 38300 High Heat Ceramic Comb is primarily designed to straighten women’s hair. It just so happens to be so extremely effective on thin-haired beards that it’s a popular product for beardsmen.


  • 20 different heat settings for all kinds of beard hair
  • Closely spaced teeth are ideal for thin-haired beards
  • Heat to 450F in only 20 seconds – so it’s very fast


  • It’s a female product so I wouldn’t use this in public!

1. Cayzor Beard Straightening Comb for Men

As far as beard straighteners go, the Cayzor Beard Straightening Comb for Men is top-notch. The five different temperature settings, 210F, 250F, 280F, 320F, and 360F, cover practically all ranges of hair. The highly dense teeth are pretty much tailored for thin beards. The teeth are medium in length, so they achieve a sweet spot that makes them able to cover short beards, medium beards, and long beards with some effort.

It supports a voltage range of 100V to 240V and only weighs about one pound which makes it ideal for traveling. The Cayzor Beard Straightening Comb can reach its maximum heat setting in just sixty seconds, so it’s quick and easy to use.

Somehow, Cayzor managed to fit all these features into this brush and sell it for a price that is really cheap compared to most other options. 


  • Excellent range of temperatures for all hair
  • Dense teeth spacing
  • Medium length teeth make it usable for all beards
  • Excellent range of voltage coverage for travel
  • Inexpensive compared to other options
  • Quick to use


  • Not entirely the best option for long beards


These options for beard straighteners cover a wide range of beards with thin hair. However, the Cayzor Beard Straightening Comb for Men is the best overall option, with the only qualification being if your beard is long. It’s got the most options for different beard lengths.

It’s perfect for travel since it can support all types of outlets. You should always pick the best option suited for your particular type of beard, and it’s possible other products might be better for you.

But, if your beard is thin and not too long, this beard straightener will give you plenty of options no matter where you go in the world.



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