6 Best Beard Grooming Items For African American Men

6 Best Beard Grooming Items For African American Men

Any African American beardsman understands the difficulties black men face when it comes to grooming beards. Black beard hair is naturally curly, rough, and often excessively thick. Dandruff remains a constant problem.

If you have eczema, then dry, flaky skin is a problem you have dealt with and will continue to deal with your whole life.

Grooming an African American mane can almost be like trying to maintain a garden of cactuses in the Sahara Desert. Black men need to look for specific kinds of items for beard grooming kits in order to tame some wild manes.

African Beards are Challenging to Groom

African American men are often looked at as more attractive with a beard. Trending styles for black men have swung heavily toward the direction of a well-groomed beard with either a faded cut or a clean, lined-up cut.

Black men have always had fantastic barbershops that will take care of the necessary cuts. Still, for black men, maintaining a beard at home presents a specific set of requirements.

African American beardsmen require products with a strong impact and force since their hair grows curly and thick. The best options will be straighteners with the highest available temperature settings and extreme moisturizing agents.

The moisturizing agents will be extremely important as African American beards tend to grow dry and scratchy fairly fast. Black men will require the right tools to create their own specific beard kits.

Beard Straighteners with High Temperatures

African American hair is notoriously difficult to work with. Black men’s hair tends to be very thick, curly, and resistant to change. The most effective way to tame such hair is with a beard straightener.

However, not every beard straightener will work. Black men need higher heat settings and preferably wider brushes. With a high-heat brush, wider teeth will prevent burning or damage to your hair or face. You will also require longer teeth for greater beard penetration.

Using long teeth on an African American beard is like using armor-piercing rounds to destroy battle tanks. It’s the right type of ammunition for the right target!

Extreme Moisturizing Agents

Black men’s hair is also notoriously prone to dryness and dandruff, so much so that most Africans throughout history have often just answered the problem by cutting their hair off altogether.

Think about it. When was the last time you saw a painting from medieval or ancient history of an African with a full head of hair? It’s usually very rare. Often, even the women in Africa would cut their hair short because African hair even back then was impossible to maintain.

Thankfully, in the present day, there are many moisturizers to choose from. For black beardsmen, the stronger and more moisturizing the agent, the better and more effective it will be in ensuring your bearded face remains healthy and free from dandruff.

The 6 Best Beard Items for African Men

African American men will find some already put together kits to suit them fairly well. Most black beardsmen may find they need to put together a kit of their own using the best options in terms of moisturizing ability, heat strength, and effectiveness at shaping curly, thick hair.

Here are some of the best items for African American men to buy for their beard grooming kits. We’re all different and have varying requirements, but you should find this a useful guide. It’s a list that will specifically target beards prone to curling, dryness, and thick hair. 

6. Vitamin A and D Ointment

This is actually a product used for baby bottoms! But so what? It’s the best moisturizer I have ever used in my life. It is 100% safe since it was made for babies and it’s impossible to apply too much of it. This has proven to be the longest-lasting and most effective moisturizer I’ve ever used.

It’s so long-lasting that I’ve put it in my beard in the morning and never needed to add any more for the rest of the day. As an added bonus, it contains valuable vitamins healthy for your hair and skin to keep them well-nourished.

The only downside is that it will make your face very shiny after use, so much so that it almost looks like you’ve been sweating after a long workout. This moisturizer would best be applied late in the evening when you’re not going out. Also, it smells like medicine and most people won’t like that aspect.


  • Extremely moisturizing
  • Long-lasting moisture effect
  • Vitamins A and D supplement


  • Leaves face very shiny
  • Smells like medicine

5. Viva Natural Organic Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is a well-known moisturizing agent among the African American community. There’s a simple reason for that – it works spectacularly well. The hyper-moisturizing nature of this oil will make just about anything hydrated, no matter how dry it was beforehand.

Coconut Oil is also long-lasting and a little goes a long way. The scent is soothing and pleasant. The only downside is that coconut oil has been known to be excessively greasy. 


  • Extremely moisturizing
  • Pleasant scent
  • Long-lasting


  • Highly greasy

4. Shea Moisture Complete Beard Kit

This may be one of the most extensive beard moisturizing kits available. This particular set of moisturizers is rich in vital vitamins A, E, and F to ensure your skin remains hydrated. Using these moisturizers will soften and detangle your beard, allowing you to shape your mane as you please. 

The key ingredients in this set are Maracuja oil and Shea butter, which are the same agents that soften beard hair. Both of these are well-known and extremely effective moisturizing agents that are nourishing to dry skin. These are also the same agents that will allow you to tame your mane much better with a Beard Straightener.


  • Softens Beard
  • Applies Vitamins A, E, and F
  • Straightens Beard


  • Packaging for this product is substandard according to many reviews

3. Andis 38300 Ceramic Heat Comb

This comb is made of ceramic and can achieve temperatures as high as 450F in thirty seconds. It’s fast to work and very convenient. Such high heat is excellent for taming wild, curly beard hairs.

The long teeth of this comb are perfect for penetrating deep into long beard hair. The teeth may be closely spaced together, but that doesn’t negate the abilities of this comb to straighten thick beard hair; however, it might make it a little uncomfortable to use sometimes.

However, this is, in fact, a female product. It’s not entirely designed for beards. The Andis 38300 High Heat Ceramic Comb is primarily designed to straighten women’s hair. It just so happens to be so effective on thin-haired beards that it’s also a popular product for beardsmen.


  • High heat of 450F
  • Long teeth provide deep beard penetration


  • It’s a female product so I wouldn’t use this in public!
  • Closely spaced together teeth may snag on dense beards

2. Viking Revolution Beard Wash and Conditioner Set

This beard wash kit features highly moisturizing agents, shampoo, and conditioner. The shampoo and conditioner still soften beard hair and leave it with a shiny appearance.

Peppermint and eucalyptus in these products are full of Vitamin E, which is a natural skin moisturizer for dry, itchy beards. As a result, the natural beard oil in this kit is great for African American skin and hair.

The Viking Revolution Beard Wash and Conditioner Set is specifically made just for washing your beard. In this role, it is an excellent kit for African American beardsmen.


  • Excellent scents
  • Natural moisturizers to soothe dryness


  • The kit is small and may not last long

1. Professor Fuzzworthy Deluxe Beard Grooming Kit

This kit comes with conditioner, shampoo, beard balm, and a beard brush. Each of these items is good quality and 100% natural. The shampoo contains conditioning olive and castor oil, which support beard growth and nourishment.

The conditioner uses Kunzea oil specifically designed to soothe dandruff and itchy beards. Along with all of these, the brush is composed of boar bristles and is pretty good. 

Each product has a woody scent that will exude a masculine aura around the user. Overall, this seems to be the ultimate beard kit and is definitely a worthy buy. 


  • All around beard kit addresses beard problems typical of African Americans
  • 100% natural
  • Smells manly!


  • The bar of soap is small and won’t last long
  • Expensive


For African American men, the Professor Fuzzworthy Deluxe Beard Grooming Kit is the most well-rounded option. Sure, it’s expensive and the soap will disappear quickly, but it really does cover every aspect and need of African American beards.

The Vitamin A & D Ointment is still the best overall moisturizer and the Andis 38300 Ceramic Heat Comb may be the best for changing a thick beard’s flow. It’s important for every African American man to evaluate their own beard’s needs, but, overall, the Professor Fuzzworthy kit seems to answer the needs of most.




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