8 Best Beard Dyes for Black Men in 2023

Best Beard Dyes for Black Men

There’s a genuine beauty to a beard turning gray. When a beard is graying, it shows a man’s age and makes him look wiser. A beard with gray is a symbol of experience. For many African American men, a gray beard is a sign of pride and longevity. It’s cool to become the wise man in the neighborhood.

However, many African American men also prefer to look as young as possible for as long as they can. The old saying “black don’t crack” rings true for a reason; for most black men, the first signs of aging appear in the hair before they do in the skin.

Thanks to these genetics, looking younger for longer is a simple fix. Using a solid black beard dye is often the fastest and most efficient way for black men to remain young in appearance.

A Good Black Beard Dye is Hard to Find

A good black beard dye is hard to find. Many do not last long, or they have harmful chemicals that will damage your skin and hair. A good beard dye will eliminate the gray spots in a beard.

It should also last a long time and not cause harm to your hair or skin. Asking for a beard dye to do all of these things at once might be too much to ask. 

Many beard coloring dyes must compromise in one area or another. Which compromises you choose will be up to you. The best choice will often be as natural as possible, of course.

You should always prioritize your health and make absolutely sure to stay away from chemicals that are potentially destructive. 

The 8 Best Beard Dyes for Black Men in 2021

Every African American man will need to assess his beard hair and skin to determine what beard dye would suit them. For those who don’t know, these are some excellent options to try out.

8. Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye

Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye is 100% organic and free of chemicals, making it a very safe hair dye. It’s composed of fine herbal powder rendered from fresh emblic, false daisy, neem tree, henna, and indigo. Nothing else has been added to this composition. This organic mix greatly reduces the chance of skin irritation. 

The downsides to using this beard dye are that sometimes it might make your beard a very dark purple or blue instead of black. There is also a risk of this beard dye creating a chemical burn on some types of skin. If you have sensitive skin, it might be best for you to avoid this one.


  • 100% organic mixture
  • Reduced risk of skin irritation


  • Possible chance to dye beard purple or blue
  • Possible risk of imposing a chemical burn on skin

7. Creme of Nature Men’s Haircolor

Creme of Nature Men’s Haircolor is a straightforward dye with nothing special added. It works in just five minutes and provides natural-looking coverage. It does contain some shea butter conditioner to lock in color and leave the hair feeling soft. There are no parabens or sulfates in this dye either.

This product truly works to cover gray and does it well. It may take multiple applications of this product to successfully hide all your gray, but, rest assured, this will do the job.


  • Very effective at hiding gray
  • Shea butter included for moisturizing effect


  • Multiple applications required

6. Godefroy Men’s Silver And Gray Beard Brightener

For black men who want to keep the gray in their beard yet make it appear more refined, this may be the perfect choice for you. Godefroy Silver Fox Mens’ Silver and Gray Beard Brightener for Ethnic Hair Types will remove brassy tones while brightening your existing gray hair. It’s easy to apply and will condition your hair to make it shine. In addition, it’s not very greasy.

Godefroy’s dye is meant to be applied by massaging into the palms and then administering evenly from roots to ends of your beard. Withhold washing it out and continue to apply until you have achieved the tone and brightness you prefer. It can be applied every other day or as often as needed. There are some reviews stating this could possibly turn your beard purple.


  • Brightens up and evens out the tone of gray hair.
  • Not greasy
  • Conditions hair


  • May turn hair purple

5. Bigen Ez Color For Men Jet Black Kit

This beard dye is generally an effective option for African American men. The application process is straightforward and easy. Simply squeeze out both tubes onto the included brush, apply them to the beard hair directly, wait ten minutes, rinse out, and then you’re finished. It lasts quite long, depending on how fast your hair grows. For some users, it even lasts over a week.

Bigen Ez Color for Men is a chemical dye and using it carries the risk that it can produce a chemical reaction, or even a burn, on the face. If you have sensitive skin, this might not be an advisable choice. 


  • Lasts over a week in many cases
  • Easy to apply


  • Carries the potential risk of creating a chemical burn

4. Softsheen-Carson Dark & Natural Hair Color for Men

This is a shampoo dye that contains aloe vera and honey to lock in the color as well as leave beard hair soft and healthy-looking. It is important to note that this hair dye is long-lasting. It may even last up to six weeks. S

oftsheen-Carson Dark & Natural Hair Color for Men was specifically made to target black men’s type of hair, so it comes in three shades, all of which are levels of black commonly found among the African American population.

Keep in mind, this dye does require protective gloves to apply and no gloves are included. It’s also apparently very messy.


  • Purpose made for African American type hair
  • Available in three different shades of black


  • Protective gloves not included
  • Very messy

3. FollicleBooster Beard Pen

The FollicleBooster Pen uses a small boar brush attached to the end of a pen to apply dye. The dye comes in brown, black, and jet black. The colors are pretty well matched to the common types of African American hair.

You only get 1/4 inch of the stick and the rest is hollow. They could have added a lot more dye with this product. Also, the dye can be rather dry at some times.


  • Well-rounded colors
  • Small brush is composed of boar bristles


  • A little too dry
  • Too much of the stick is hollow

2. Blackbeard for Men Formula X

Blackbeard’s brush-in color has no harsh or acrid chemicals, which is a huge plus. This is not a dye. It is a patented, temporary cosmetic beard color that does not contain any of the chemicals in dyes that are known to cause skin irritations or rashes. 

This only lasts about eight to twelve hours. It will fade naturally over time. It only takes seconds to apply, though. That quality might balance out how fast it fades. The price can add up if you’d like to keep a steady supply.

For African American men, if your skin is sensitive and you want to avoid risking a chemical burn, this might be an excellent choice. 


  • No harsh, acrid chemicals
  • Easily able to apply more in seconds


  • Not long-lasting, doesn’t really even last a day
  • Constant purchases can add up to make it pricey

1. Just for Men Mustache and Beard Coloring

This is another product targeting African American beardsmen. It’s specifically formulated to dye and treat coarse hair. It’s also very easy to apply. Just mix the color base and developer, apply the mixture with the included brush, wait five minutes, rinse your beard, shampoo your face once, and you’re done. The formula is creamy for easier application and contains biotin, aloe, & coconut oil to support hair health.

The Just for Men Mustache and Beard Coloring is a long-lasting product. One application might even last for four weeks. However, this does use chemicals that have the potential to cause a fierce chemical burn.


  • Long-lasting – up to four weeks
  • Easy to apply
  • Supports hair health


  • Strong chemicals may potentially create a chemical burn


All of these hair dyes have bonuses and minuses. There isn’t really a perfect choice here. But the Just for Men Beard and Mustache Coloring may be the best option for most African American men, assuming their skin doesn’t react to it with a harsh chemical burn.

If you have sensitive skin or you get chemical burns often, then the best option would be the Blackbeard for Men Formula X, which is probably the easiest on the skin. No matter what dye you choose, always prioritize your health.



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