Are Beard Straighteners Safe? What You Need to Know

Are Beard Straighteners Safe

There are so many reasons why beard maintenance can be a struggle for a man with a full beard. It may be the beard’s coarse texture or its curly nature, or maybe it just doesn’t have the shape that is wanted. The struggle to keep it in the right shape gets more labor intense by the day. A beard straightener may come to mind as an option, but you want to know if it is safe to use.

Yes, using a beard straightener is safe, especially when used in moderation and with caution. Using a beard straightener will straighten those unruly facial hairs and keep them in the right shape and place.

Find out everything you need to know about beard straighteners and why you should add them to your grooming arsenal.

What is a Beard Straightener?

As you are looking for ways to solve your beard problems, you may have come across electrical, heated beard straighteners. These straighteners are heated paddles that are used to tame beards from their gnarly or curly state to a perfectly fine and straight state. While these straighteners may seem like a perfectly obvious solution to many, some people have questions.

The truth is that hair straighteners are not new. Flat irons have been in the market for as long as anyone can remember. What calls for concern for many, however, is the fact that these products were traditionally designed for head hair. One would rarely think about investing so much in beard hair in the past.

The idea of using hair brushes or flat irons with heating units on a beard was not conceived until recently. It’s development and rise in popularity is thanks to the growing popularity of beards and men’s grooming in the past decade. This is why the idea of a heated hairbrush is now embraced as a viable option for men who have trouble with certain aspects of their beard growth.

While people tend to think that beard oils are a safer option, there is a limit to the efficacy of these oils on the texture of the facial hair. The reason for this is that the type of curl one has is determined by the shape of the follicle. Most times, the follicles are implanted vertically on the skin, but this does not represent the way the hair grows. If you have an oval-shaped follicle that passes into the skin at an angle, it means that you have curly hair.

The shape of every hair strand is what also determines the texture of the hair. If your strands are oval-shaped or flat, your hair will be curlier than that of a person whose strands are round. Since you can’t possibly change your genes, you can use products like beard straighteners to tame your beards to look the way you want them, but at what cost?

Are Beard Straighteners Good for Beards?

Are Beard Straighteners Good for Beards

The truth is, while beard straighteners are generally safe for your beard, excess heat is not entirely good. You can burn your hair, and if you have short frizzy hair, you may want to be careful to not tamper with it as it may curl in more and become even more difficult to straighten. Let it grow out and use the straightener with caution.

If you use beard straighteners, make sure you select those that have temperature adjustment settings to help safely use the device according to what works on your beard. When you are using your straightener, make sure you adjust the temperature setting to the lowest possible level that can produce your desired result.

Also, be careful to not hold the heat in your beard for a long time. Generally, beard straighteners are safe when you use them in the right way. You only have to be careful not to misuse it so that you don’t cause damage to your precious facial hair.

What You Should Know Before Choosing Beard Straighteners

Your choice of a beard straightener depends on different factors like the length and shape of your beard. Below are some other factors to consider before choosing a beard straightener.

The Length of Your Beard

Some beard straighteners don’t work on short beards. If you buy a flat iron or a heated-paddle type of brush, it will be difficult to hold your hair in it if your hair is short. If you have long hair, it will be much easier to use the straightener.

What You Should Know Before Choosing Beard Straighteners

It is, therefore, advisable to buy a natural-bristle comb or brush for short hair. You should also look out for less harsh beard balms for your short beards.

Time Is of the Essence

Are you the type that enjoys spending a lot of time tending to your hair in the morning? Do you derive pleasure from standing by the mirror for many minutes or hours to give your beard the perfect styling? Maybe you are the type who heads straight out of the door almost as soon as you get up from your bed. If you wish to use a straightener, you should consider your personality type. Beard grooming of this type takes time and patience.

If you have a long beard, you may need to get heat straight into it for the best effects. Before you use your straightener, make sure you spend time cleaning and drying your beard, or else you may end up causing more damage to the hair, and even to the straightener itself.

Your hair’s moisture level will also go a long way to determine the efficacy of the straightener. Before you use low heat to blow dry your beards, take your time to gently pat-dry it. Always bear in mind that you cannot afford to apply too much heat and friction on the hair as this may cause breakage. Make sure you always have ample time to go through the dicey process of straightening your hair.

If you think you cannot be patient enough to go through this process, you may choose to keep short facial hair. If you are too attached to your long beard but you don’t have the time to straighten it, a better option for you is to look for a straightening cream to help you do the job.

Consider the Space Available

First things first, to use a heat-based beard straightener, you need a space where you will be able to connect to electricity. If you don’t have space where you can connect to electricity or if you are the type that takes care of his beard in the car, you may choose to go for a cordless straightener or a non-electrical straightener.

How Often Should You Use a Beard Straightener?

The frequency at which you straighten your beard depends largely on your hair type and your lifestyle. You need to first understand the reason behind your curly beard. You may either have a curly beard because it’s your hair’s natural texture, or because the hair is dry and damaged.

How Often Should You Use a Beard Straightener

If your beard is naturally curly and you wish to make it straight, it is safe to use beard straighteners. To achieve better results, try to not rub your beard dry after a shower, but pat it dry instead. Your routine should include a bi-weekly wash routine. Use your beard straightener to keep your hair straight every time you wash it.

Using a beard straightener too frequently might be counterproductive, as it may end up damaging your hair. You must try to create a balance between having a healthy beard and maintaining a good looking beard.

How to Maintain a Straightened Beard?

Because you cannot afford to straighten your beard daily, or it will get damaged, you have to look for the best ways to keep your hair looking beautiful and well kept. Remember that straightened beards won’t stay that way forever, so you might have to look for ways to groom the hair between washes.

You can maintain the sleek look from the straightening process for as long as possible by applying a conditioner to the hair. Beard oils might not quite do the work as they are lightweight and get absorbed into the hair and skin faster than conditioners. While they are good moisturizers, they don’t add hold to the hair.

Balms on the other hand are thicker than beard oils and can be used in place of conditioners. In fact, balms are a better option for those with thick and long beards.

Every time you straighten your hair, it has some effect on the follicle. Beard conditioners will, however, repair the damages caused to the follicle by continuous hair straightening.

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Although you may always present yourself as the man with perfect grooming, very few know how much work goes on behind the scene to maintain those looks. While you want your beard to be well groomed and stylish at all times, it is also very important to be careful not to damage your hair in a bid to maintain it.

A beard straightener can be a blessing and a curse. It can provide you with a streamlined, straight beard, but it can take hours to get that look, and it may not work for all types of beards. Furthermore, you might dry out or even burn your hair or skin if you use the straightener improperly or too frequently. 

Despite these potential pitfalls, if you have a long beard, and are patient, a beard straightener can be one of the best tools in your grooming kit. 



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